Supplements to Fit Your Training Schedule

Supplements to fit your training schedule
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In a previous blog post (A beginner’s guide to nutrient timing) we looked at the benefits of consuming certain nutrients around the workout, taking advantage of certain nutrients pre/intra/post exercise, in order to provide an overall benefit. Nutrient timing can also be used to your advantage depending on what time of day you train.

Training in the morning.

Early morning training before work or studies can be a great way to start your day, putting you in a good mood and making you feel energized. However, getting yourself out of bed early and in the right mind-set for a gym session can be a challenge. ELEVATE™ is the go-to pre-workout of choice, due to its potent formulation of research-driven ingredients:

  • Vitargo® provides rapid fuel.
  • Caffeine/Tyrosine/Glucuronolactone makes you mentally alert and focussed.
  • Beta Alanine allows you to resist fatigue.
  • AAKG/Grapeseed Extract/ActiNOS™ for pump.

Morning training sessions may also be the ideal time to fit in some fasted cardio if you are looking to drop some body fat. Whilst doing so, BCAAs are the perfect training aid as they prevent muscle breakdown and support recovery; helping you to retain lean body mass.

Lunchtime training.

Lunchtime training is a fantastic way to break up the day, and to boost productivity levels in the afternoon. Sessions are normally fast and furious to make the most of the time available. Mornings and evenings can be very busy for some, with children to look after or long commutes to and from work – therefore your lunch break may be the only time to fit in a training session. Some supplements to aid your lunchtime session include:

  • ELEVATE™ – whilst you sit at your desk pondering what you are going to train, take a serving of ELEVATE™. This will ensure you are primed and ready to take the workout head on, in the limited time you have.
  • BCAAs – training on a lunch break can be intense. Drop sets/super sets/interval training are frequently used techniques for the lunchtime warrior, therefore it would be wise to supplement with BCAAs to prevent muscle breakdown during any intensive activity.
  • AFTERMATH™ – after bundling all your kit back into your bag after having a quick shower, you leave little time for a meal. AFTERMATH™ provides you with all the nutrients you need post-workout to promote muscle growth and recovery. It will also serve as a good meal in the time you have, before getting back to the office to eat a proper protein-filled lunch.

Evening training.

Evening training is perhaps the most popular choice – be it straight from work, or later on in the evening. Training in the evening does have its obstacles though; one of those can be motivation. Some may lack the motivation after a hard day’s work to head to the gym and put in a good session – this is where a pre-workout comes into its own. However, pre-workout formulas with a high caffeine content can leave you buzzing all night and prevent a restful night’s sleep – and if you’re not getting good quality sleep, you’ll impact your ability to recover properly between workouts.

  • Complete Pre-Workout™ Caffeine Free provides you with a solid pre-workout formula to boost performance in the gym, without any stimulants that might keep you up all night – WIN, WIN! If you train in the evening, you may also want to think about using a slow release protein supplement before bed, to ensure you are not fasted from post workout nutrition until the morning.
  • Micellar Casein would be ideal as this will slowly provide the muscles with amino acids, to support recovery, whilst you sleep.

To summarise, depending on what time of day you train, there are supplement options to suit all, be it in the morning, lunchtime or late evening. Simply tailor your nutritional plan to fit around your work/training schedule.

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