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1682704471 // Vitargo®

  • Patented sports performance carbohydrate
  • Super soluble (Vitargo S2) version
  • Clinically proven
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS® commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS® always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS® exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    Vitargo® is the ultimate sports performance carbohydrate, delivering rapid glycogen supplies to the muscles (70% faster than other carbohydrates such as Dextrose and Maltodextrin).

    BULK POWDERS™ supplies Vitargo® S2, which is the super-soluble form of Vitargo®. Starch-based products in general do not mix well in liquids. However, this form of Vitargo® has been produced in such a way that solubility is not an issue.

    Vitargo® consists of much larger carbohydrate molecules than other sugar-based carbohydrates such as Dextrose, Fructose, Sucrose and Maltodextrin; which are often the preserve of the mainstream sports drinks you find in various gyms and supermarkets. These larger molecules ultimately enable Vitargo® to move through the stomach 80% faster than the aforementioned products. The result of this is that Vitargo® is absorbed extremely quickly and provides almost instant energy. Furthermore when Vitargo® is consumed after training or competition, it replenishes muscle glycogen levels 70% faster than other sports drinks. What’s more Vitargo® is also 100% sugar-free!

    Vitargo® is produced from barley starch. Barley starch is naturally occurring in foodstuffs such as cereals and grains. These products will not however have anywhere near the same properties as Vitargo® due to the patented process by which it is produced.


    • 100% Pure Carbohydrate
    • Fast Release Source of Carbohydrate
    • Rapid Absorption makes it ideal to use pre/intra/post workout
    • 100% Sugar Free
    • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
    • Gluten Free
    • Ideal to use when carb loading


    Vitargo® is ideal for all (endurance and strength athletes) who are looking to increase carbohydrate consumption, be it for carb loading or around your workout.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

    Vitargo® Ingredients

    100% Vitargo® S2.

    Vitargo® Nutrition Information

    Nutrition per 75g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 1186/279 1581/372
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre Nil Nil
    Protein 0g 0g
    Salt 0g 0g

    Suitable For

    Vegetarian, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free




    Mix 2.5 scoops (approximately 75g) with 500ml water in a BULK POWDERS™ Shaker Bottle. The best times to use Vitargo include pre, during and post-exercise.

    During exercise you should look to consume 1g-1.5g of Vitargo® per hour for every 1kg of bodyweight. For a 75kg athlete this would equate to around 75g-112g per hour.

    Related Products

    Vitargo® can be combined with most products, from amino acids such as Creatine and BCAA; to Electrolytes and Pure Whey Protein™.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Just what I needed Review by Nos2209
    Mix it with my diet protein after training and it makes a good, thick shake. Looked around for prices and with the discount this was the best priced and best quality around by far. (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    Incredible Review by MJ
    Absolutely fantastic source of carbs and brilliant for long sessions. Doesn't taste fantastic on its own so I normally mix with bcaas (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    this is amazing........ Review by varun
    I suffer from a severe bowel condition and was using maltodextrin based drinks for intra and post workout but they always left me bloated and horrible feeling after, vitargo was a life saver, this does not cause any bloating and i would say its very safe for severe IBS and IBD conditions, it mixes well with bulk powders(BCAA, CREATINE, GLUTAMINE) and i also mix whey protein with it. gives great energy during workout and great recovery. i take it pre with bcaa, intra with bcaa and post with whey, creatine, glutamine and bcaa. great recovery and great power.

    i take this twice a day to increase my carb intake with whey without issues.
    it does work.

    cheers bulkpowder. (Posted on 30/10/2017)
    Amazing Stuff! Review by Sam
    Mix a couple scoops of this with a protein shake and drink it after weightlifting and you can actually feel it working. I follow a low carb diet and after training I felt like I had depleted my glycogen stores. Come home and had this and I literally felt the muscles which I just worked get filled up again, noticeable pump almost immediately.

    It mixes well and turns a 300ml protein shake made with water into a nice thick consistency. I have unflavoured and mix it with BP chocolate peanut flavour whey.

    Definitely going to buy more and am going to experiment with taking some pre and post workout

    Try it you won’t be disappointed (Posted on 26/10/2017)
    Great stuff!!! Review by Zok
    I've been using Vitargo few times about 10 years ago and noticed a huge difference between Vitargo and other products for energy. So I started again because I found 5kg package here. It's great for carb-loading before race (I race XC MTB) if you don't want to eat a lot of pasta and similar stuff and it's very fast absorbing. And it's good for using as a drink on training especially when you don't eat properly days before - it will give you enough "instant" energy for finish it properly. I still didn't get any stomach problems with it. Buy one without flavour and use some flavour available here (raspberry is good) and electrolytes or use some high5 tabs for some extra electrolytes and caffeine maybe. (Posted on 28/04/2016)
    Great recovery... When you can actually drink it Review by Chris
    This stuff foams up like a b**** when I mix 30g of it into my post workout. The whole thing turns into a shaker full of thick bubbles and doesn't mix that well. Shake it thoroughly till there's no lumps and then you have to leave it for several minutes before it starts to return to liquid state. Great for recovery but it's a pain to mix when you want your shake in quickly as it pretty much turns your shake into bubble bath (taste wise too sadly). However ignoring that, the boost of high quality carbs after a big workout gives a real boost to recovery and fullness of the muscles. Bit expensive and a pain to drink is why iv only rated 3 stars (Posted on 17/02/2016)
    the best fast carb i've ever tried Review by StMichael
    If you have been low carbing/intermittent fasting. This is the best. I mean your on a high for a good 5 minutes or so if you have the full dose that they recommend. If it werent for the high cost i'd use this after every workout religiously. Really good stuff. (Posted on 11/11/2015)
    VITARGO 1st impressions Review by G
    Mixed this with up with AAKG and grape seed for 1st time today seemed to help, way cheaper than over priced SIS Zipvit stuff… Vit clumped a bit need to work on mix, no nasty taste easy to take, worth a go! (Posted on 27/09/2015)
    Great for recovery Review by Joe
    Been using this product for a month now, first started using it during my workout however after asking bulkpowders for advice on post workout supplemets they recommended mixing it with my Informed Whey and thats what i've been doing after every weights session. It's great for muscle recovery and i feel a lot less sluggish and far more energised, will be a regular purchase from now on! (Posted on 16/07/2015)
    Brilliant Product Review by Snap City
    I have used for years switching away from Dextrose / Maltodetrin as I didn't want to consume so much sugar.

    I use post workout with egg white powder + electrolytes. Mixes very well with far less foaming than sugary carbs plus the taste is 100 times better.

    Does an amazing job of neutralising the taste of egg white powder, can't recommend it enough for that!

    Feel it working straight away, especially if you've overdone it. Feeling good again in 5 / 10 mins. (Posted on 17/06/2015)
    can't go without Review by JOE
    best intra-workout carb supplement I've ever had , gives you so much energy and enables you to train at a higher intensity. take with essential amino acids , taste is fine on its own but with amino's isn't great , just add some cordial and its fine , couldn't go without it now. (Posted on 02/04/2015)
    NO SUGAR Review by KOSTAS
    I chose bulkpowders over similar company because of that product. Best carb available! Its an awesome pre and post workout supplement for energy and recovery. (Posted on 06/03/2015)
    No more sugary gels ! Review by StefanK
    I'm an endurance runner and wanted to try something different as I was having stomach problems with sugary gels when running marathons. I ran an event, 4 marathon in 4 days and was amazed at the results. I was taking on 300ml every 3 miles (events was 3 miles loops), so was passing the aid station where I had the drink already prepared and ready to drink. I'm converted now ! (Posted on 20/02/2015)
    Best Carbs that I have ever tried! Review by Runar
    After training for years and trying a lot of supplements and foods for the best recovery after weightlifting or endurance training, I found Vitargo and I can only say one thing.. Best carbs money can buy and you will feel it straight away after your first use.

    I will never use another product for carb-load after workouts!

    Like one reviewer said.. No sugar sickness after using these carbs

    Only thing that I can find wrong with this product, is they don't make it with flavour, so I mix it with my flavoured protein, so I don't mind it ;)

    Vitargo for life... (Posted on 07/12/2014)
    Immediate results Review by Tony
    I run 4-10 miles 4 times a week and do some weight workouts 3 times a week.

    After my runs, I would feel zapped of energy and would need a snooze to recuperate. I thought this might have been normal but noticed other runners didn't have the same issue.

    I asked Bulk Powders for some advice and they recommended this. After my first run, I gulped it down with some Whey and I didn't have the slightest bit of tiredness.

    This has really helped me so much, so I highly recommend it.

    (Posted on 01/07/2014)
    Amazing !!!! Review by marc
    I am a stunt performer and fitness model so train very regularly.

    It is important that I recover quickly between sessions so I often carb load directly after training with dextrose and BCAAs/ whey isolate to release IGF-1 which is important for growth and recovery.

    I don't usually write reviews but this stuff is so awesome i had to. When using this product from the first time after training I noticed a massive difference in recovery time , felt fresh about an hour after the session.

    I also tried it as an intraworkout drink with some BCAAs and i had loads of energy. Noticed it straight away

    Def going to be a staple in my supplement arsenal. (Posted on 11/08/2012)
    vitargo review Review by Anonymous
    Tastes like...well...barley starch.
    Very easy to drink and the great reviews it is getting from CrossFit Endurance & @iamunscared (Brian MacKenzie) convinced me to buy some.
    You don't get that 'Sugar Sick' feeling after drinking it. Did blend with 1/2 warm water first then other 1/2 cold water just to stop clumping.
    This is the raw material in GenR8 - VITARGO®S2, it is totally Gluten-free.
    Good price too! (Posted on 11/04/2012)
    vitargo review Review by Anonymous
    Tastes like...well...barley starch.
    Very easy to drink and the great reviews it is getting from CrossFit Endurance & @iamunscared (Brian MacKenzie) convinced me to buy some.
    You don't get that 'Sugar Sick' feeling after drinking it. Did blend with 1/2 warm water first then other 1/2 cold water just to stop clumping.
    This is the raw material in GenR8 - VITARGO®S2, it is totally Gluten-free.
    Good price too! (Posted on 11/04/2012)

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