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BRAND NEW Product Launches Released Today

Following hot on the heels of four new product launches last week – Chia Seed Powder, Acai Berry Powder, Instant Leucine and Storage Shakers, we’re back this week with three more. Last year we produced over 90 new products and we’re aiming for the same again in 2015. This speed of production is to be expected from the 2nd biggest sports nutrition company in the UK and Internet Retailing Top 500 listed e-retailer. We won’t stop innovating as we continue to bring new, exciting products to market, without compromising on quality.

Today marks the launch of three exciting innovations – a new flavour for our number #1 best seller – Pure Whey Protein™, a twist on our very popular Complete Greens™ and a delicious chocolate snacking option, available in three moreish flavours. Find out more about each of these below.

Pure Whey Protein™ new flavour – Rhubarb & Custard

Rhubarb & Custard is the 18th flavour created in our state of the art manufacturing facility for the UK’s best value whey protein shake, Pure Whey Protein™. With Apple Crumble & Custard proving popular, when the lab came up with this one, the taste blew us all away.

A fresh, sweet and slightly tangy rhubarb undertone works together with a luxurious soft creamy custard to produce an experience that harks back to the classic rhubarb and custard sweets we enjoyed so much in our childhood, before we decided to make gains.

Each 30g serving provides 23g protein, just 2.6g carbs and only 131 calories.

500g, 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg pouch sizes are all on sale now.

Rhubarb & Custard Protein

Complete Greens Protein Smoothie™ – Blueberry flavour

Complete Greens™ has proved extremely popular and was voted Best Greens Powder in London by the London Evening Standard. The nutritional information speaks for itself – 24 nutrient dense superfoods, the equivalent of more than 5 of your 5 a day, and the inclusion of unique ingredients with high ORAC scores such as rosemary, thyme, parsley, basil and sumac bran that other super green powders neglect.

We’ve received many requests for a flavoured super greens powder but this reduces your ‘greens’ by up to 50% leaving a 10g serving with just 5g greens and 5g flavouring. A pure unflavoured greens powder will deliver 10g of greens which gives you 5 of your 5 a day in one scoop.

Complete Greens Protein Smoothie™ is a brand new, innovative super greens drink with a twist and we’re the first ‘bulk supplier’ to bring it to market. A nutrient dense thick smoothie combining Greens with Grass Fed Pure Whey Protein™, Bee Pollen Powder, Coconut Flour and naturally sweetened with Stevia.

You’ll consume 4g of Complete Greens™ per serving (approximately 2 of your 5 a day) + added ingredients including over 20g protein + natural Blueberry flavour and real fruit pieces to mask the taste. A real nutritional powerhouse!

  Per 35g serving
Calories 140
Protein 20.02g
Carbs 7.7g
Sugars 5.6g
Fats 3.08g

We recommend drinking Complete Greens Protein Smoothie™ twice a day or once alongside your Complete Greens™. Eat your veggies too!

Chocolate Whey Balls™ – Milk, Dark and White Chocolate

Chocolate Whey Balls™ are a UK exclusive in the sports nutrition industry, made with the same finest quality Grass Fed Whey Protein used in our Pure Whey Protein™ rather than soya.

Made with a whey protein core, coated in premium chocolate by our artisan chocolatiers, these naughty nuggets are what dreams are made of. Think Maltesers® but with better macros and layered in three chocolate varieties – milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. The choice is yours at just £9.99 for 500g (10 x 50g servings).

Matching the taste of leading confectionery products, but with 20.5g protein per 100g (slight variance by flavour), if you’re after a tasty treat that’s high in protein, look no further. Eat straight from the Active Foods™ pouch or layer on top of Complete Protein Dessert™ and Complete Protein Porridge™.

Chocolate Whey Balls

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