Zesty Berry Protein Cheesecake Recipe

Berry Protein Cheesecake Recipe
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We were dazzled by Lindsay from Lean Bean Nutrition when she caused a stir with this Key Lime Pie Protein Cheesecake recipe. She’s now back with a slightly different recipe for a gorgeous summery Zesty Berry flavour. Mary Berry would be proud. Give it a bash.



1.) Place all the ingredients in a bowl
2.) Add boiling water (enough to cover the surface of the ingredients) and leave to soften
3.) Blend and press into a cookie cutter


1.) Mix together the Greek yoghurt and protein powder
2.) Pour on top of the cheesecake base
3.) Blend the berries and mix into the cheesecake filling (leave a little)
4.) Using the spare blended berries, pour into cookie cutters (or an ice cube tray) and freeze to form sorbet
5.) Place the cheesecake and blended berries in the freezer for 2 hours


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Calories – 317

Protein – 30g

Carbs – 33g

Fat – 7g

Author: Lean Bean Nutrition



1 tbsp cashew nuts

4 raspberries

5 dates

1/2 tbsp raisins



3 tbsp Greek yoghurt

1 scoop Lemon Meringue Pure Whey Protein

2 big strawberries

4 raspberries

10 blueberries