Yearly Review: A Look Back at 2014

2014 has been a Cracking Year
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2014 has been a ‘cracker’

It’s fair to say that 2014 has been a ‘cracker’ of a year (pun intended); it has certainly been an adventure. We are extremely proud of the progress we have made over the past 12 months. To look back and see what we have managed to achieve in such a short space of time is really quite humbling.

We’ve faced challenges along the way, sure, but we’ve made significant progress as a company, increasing our product range substantially and improving our customer support capabilities too, all the while maintaining the cheapest prices, in an industry that is notoriously competitive.

But before we harp on about all the great things we’ve done this year, we’re going to let you into a little secret…

We haven’t done the following:

  1. We haven’t sold our souls to the devil. We are an independently owned sports nutrition company (one of a dying breed) and still very much in control of the products and formulations we develop, and the messages we communicate.
  2. We haven’t created untold ‘innovations’ which are simply re-hashed products that already exist, or worse still, products that serve no meaningful purpose.
  3. We haven’t invested more in the packaging of our products, than the value of the ingredients inside.
  4. We haven’t launched formulations, or single ingredient supplements like HMB & Creatine for a price that is extortionate, in the hope of bamboozling our customers and stealing their money.

But we have done this:

  1. In an explosive year, we’ve already launched 92 new products, with a handful of products set to land before the year is out.
  2. We’ve launched two INFORMED SPORT approved formulations, ELEVATE™ and INFORMED WHEY™, catering for an increasing demand for elite, banned-substance tested products.
  3. We introduced our new Pro Series™ range; a market-leading selection of research-driven formulations including a whey protein, mass gainer, pre-workout and fat loss supplement.
  4. We have continued to expand our European operations, launching in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark and Italy – the fastest growing sports nutrition company in Europe
  5. We have been supporting our athlete James DeGale on his quest to land the IBF boxing title, which is now just a few fights away.
  6. We’ve recently launched The Core™, our new content hub for supplement & training guides, recipes, news and videos.
  7. We have started a new Q&A series with our athlete Luke Sumner-Wilson, to answer weekly questions about common training problems, to help support you on your fitness journey.
  8. We have won two categories of the Men’s Health Supplement Awards 2014
  9. We have featured in the Top 10 ‘Best Nut Spreads’ as chosen by The Independent

Products of the Year:

BULK POWDERS™: Products of the Year 2014

In a year where we’ve launched almost 100 new products, we asked our product development team to pick out their favourites. It proved a harder task than they imagined.

Read the full article to find out what they chose: Top 5 Product Launches of 2014



2014 has been a year of significant growth; you could say we’ve had a year of righteous gains, and you’d be right! We couldn’t have achieved what we have without the support of our amazing customers, and the contributions of the dedicated team here at BULK POWDERS™ HQ. We’d like to thank you all once again and ask that you brace yourself for an even stronger 2015!

But before we sign-off for the year, we wanted to share a few highlights from the year in the form of our very own ‘BULK POWDERS™ Awards’, covering the following categories:

  • Super Fans of the Year
  • Most Loyal Customer
  • Funniest Site Searches
  • Most Popular Recipe

Super Fans of the Year

We’ve been blown away by some of the love we’ve had from the BULK POWDERS™ community. Here’s to three super-fans who have been unbelievable ambassadors for the brand, with frequent purchases and continual engagement via our social channels. It doesn’t go unnoticed!

A big shout out goes to Adam Levey (@adamthexman), Suzanne Gray (@suzziieanne) and Ben Joyce (@130heath). We salute you for living and breathing BULK POWDERS™. Keep it up!

Most Loyal Customer

An acknowledgement also needs to go out to our most loyal customer of 2014, Grace Lloyd. Grace has managed a total of 350 transactions so far this year, maintaining her 100% daily purchase record. It is worth noting that Grace Lloyd is most definitely NOT an alias used by a competitor brand…

Funniest Site Searches

It would appear that some people have visited the site in a state of confusion and have subsequently used the site search function in hope of finding some clarity.

We’ve picked out a selection of our favourite searches and tried our best to ascertain what we believe they were looking for.

Customer Search What Were They Looking For?
Vertigo Flat shoes?
Argentine Lionel Messi?
HMV 2 DVDs for £10?
Penis Protein Struggling with this one...
Sheep Aids Sounds terrible, whatever it is.
Omegar A new breed of fish from Essex?
Critical Mass A published paper about nuclear fission?

Most Popular Recipe


Since launching the recipes section within The Core™ we’ve had the fortune of working with some very talented and creative bakers. Special thanks must go to The Muscle Bakery, Hebe Burton and The Proteinologist who have been working hard to create some fantastic recipes for you to try.

The Toffee Popcorn Peanut Butter Bread, made lovingly by The Proteinologist has taken the crown for the most popular recipe of 2014. If you haven’t tried it yet, we strongly suggest that you do.

Don’t forget to visit The Core™ for lots of quick & easy protein-rich recipes, and watch out for exciting new gourmet developments over Christmas and in the New Year.

In Other News:


The BULK POWDERS™ community is going from strength to strength with the addition of #BULKPETS. Here are a few pictures of our furry (and sometimes scaley) friends, making the most of our robust product packaging and overwhelming hospitality.

If you have a pet who loves to climb inside our packaging or wear our t-shirts, be sure to share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #BULKPETS.


That’s a wrap!

2014 has seen the rise of fitness clothing and aesthetics, none more so than the ‘battle of the stringers’, hotly contested by the likes of Gymshark, Machine Fitness and Physiq Apparel. The jury is still out on whether these are socially acceptable but their popularity would suggest they are here to stay – at least for the time being.

Stringer 1 Stringer 2 Stringer 3

What are your big predictions in fitness fashion in 2015? Flat-caps? Gym onesies? Compression hotpants? We’d love to hear what you think.

Next year promises to be another huge year for BULK POWDERS™. Watch this space for some great festive deals and brace yourself for some fantastic New Year promotions!

From everyone here at BULK POWDERS™ HQ, have a great Christmas.

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