Why You Should Give Full Body Workouts A Go

Full body workouts
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Body part splits or full body workouts? What’s best for a lean, balanced physique? The answer might surprise you…

2-3 full-body workouts rather than 4-5 body-part split sessions per week will:

Be more efficient

By training more than one muscle group per workout, you’ll naturally increase muscle fibre recruitment and benefit from greater caloric output. And full-body workouts save you time, too. That’s more time to spend with family and friends, more time for socialising, and more time to show off the body you’ve worked so hard for.

Prevent muscle imbalances

Full-body workouts enable you to actually train different muscle groups more frequently than hitting leg day, back day and chest day. This will increase muscle development and build the strength of stabilising muscles, too. If you focus on single body parts week in, week out, you’re more likely to hit a plateau, or risk the chance of injury through overtraining. And if you gravitate towards your favourite body-part sessions (we’re all guilty of it!) you’ll eventually end up with an unbalanced physique: big up top with no legs, or with your legs dominating your shoulders. Not a good every day look!

Ramp up your cardio demand

The beauty of full-body workouts is that they generally demand more from your entire body, including your cardiovascular system. Your muscles, heart and lungs will need to work hard to power through a full-body workout. The best way to do it? Incorporate dynamic Olympic lifts like the power clean or overhead squat: great examples of compound lifts that recruit a lot of muscle. Perform them in supersets or circuits at high rep ranges, and you’ll definitely get a cardio workout!

If you switch your training style to full-body workouts, you’ll need to support your body as it works hard and recovers hard, too. Try Informed Whey®, a premium quality whey protein with added aminos (including the key amino acid leucine) and glutamine. It’s great for supporting protein synthesis and recovery (and tastes amazing, too). Add in Complete Hydration™ to take care of your electrolyte needs when working out hard. When we sweat, we lose vital salts and electrolytes. And if our electrolyte balance gets too low, crucial functions such as muscle contractions can be impaired, leading to a loss of performance. Complete Hydration™ helps take care of your body’s electrolyte balance, and replenishes muscle glycogen levels which are reduced during training. Finally, add in our Complete Multivitamin Complex™ to protect your general health and wellbeing whilst you’re ramping up the training!

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