White Chocolate Chia Smoothie Recipe

White Chocolate & Chia Smoothie
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This White Chocolate Chia Smoothie recipe is an absolute doddle to make but not only that, each serving delivers a whopping 46g of protein, thanks to a scoop of white chocolate whey protein powder and a splash of liquid egg whites.


1.) Add all 3 ingredients to a blender.

2.) Blend for 30 seconds.

3.) Serve with ice.

Get Blending!

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MACROS (per serving)

297 Kcals

46g Protein

10g Carbs

7g Fat


Author: @whatroopeats


140g BULK POWDERS Liquid Egg Whites

35g BULK POWDERS Pure Whey Protein White Chocolate

10g BULK POWDERS Chia Seeds