What Are The Benefits of Curcumin & Vitamin D3?

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What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is a yellow pigment within the spice known as Turmeric (a member of the Ginger family). Curcumin itself is a small molecule found within Turmeric which is often referred to as a curcumoid or a polyphenol.

Curcumin has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for years, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Whilst these touted benefits mean it is still widely used today – research continues to look for the range of benefits that Curcumin consumption or supplementation can provide.

Recently Curcumin supplementation has increased in popularity due to the advancements of Curcumin supplements. The interest in superfoods, and natural ways to get a “health kick” all help to promote Curcumin products. The popularity may be via introducing Turmeric to the diet through seasonings, fresh turmeric, Turmeric Powder or even looking directly for a Curcumin Supplement.

We have recently launched Curcumin & Vitamin D3 Capsules which includes an extremely bioavailable form of Curcumin Extract – NovaSOL®. This is a Liquid form of Curcumin Extract, which enhances the overall bioavailability (how easily something is absorbed and utilised by the body) of the Curcumin Extract, which can be an issue for other Curcumin Extracts.

What are the benefits of Curcumin & Vitamin D3?

  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Vitamin D3 supports the immune system, muscle function and normal calcium levels
  • 100% Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin D3

Are Curcumin & Vitamin D3 capsules suitable for you?

Absolutely anyone who trains, plays sport or simply takes part in exercise can benefit from supplementing with Curcumin & Vitamin D3. Bones are placed under a large amount of stress when exercising, so optimal bone health is extremely important.

How much should you take?

Each capsule provides 30mg of the patented NovaSOL® Curcumin Extract and 5.4µg of the highly bioavailable Vitamin D3. You can consume 1 capsule, 2-3 times daily.


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