Vitargo® : Love at First Tri

Vitargo: Love at First Tri
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…okay, so the Salford standard distance triathlon I took part in on 26th July 2015 wasn’t my first ever triathlon, in fact, I first got involved in the sport back in 2008 and regularly raced at sprint and standard distances up until September 2013, with Wimbleball 70.3 and Ironman Wales thrown in, just for good measure. During those five years I was also lucky enough to represent Great Britain at age group level at the European Triathlon Championships 2009 in Holland and 2013 in Turkey. It was after racing in Cambridge 2013 that I decided to take a break from the sport and focus on getting my degree finished – finally!

I Decided to Start Training for Triathlon Again

Fast forward to 2015 and with the degree successfully completed, I decided to start training for triathlon again, with the aim of representing Great Britain again at some point in the future. After nearly two years out of the sport it’s a bit of a shock when you realise you’ll be competing for a slot in the 35-39 age group this time round!

On my quest for the perfect race fuel I stumbled across BULK POWDERS™ Vitargo® S2

Anyway, after years of using the usual energy drinks full of sugar and sweeteners and suffering from stomach cramps, bloating and the inevitable post-race sugar crash, and, thankfully, only the occasional migraine, I was looking for something that could give me the energy I needed to perform at race intensity without the unpleasant, and performance hindering, side effects. On my quest for the perfect race fuel I stumbled across BULK POWDERS™ Vitargo® S2. Described as ‘the ultimate sports performance carbohydrate, delivering rapid glycogen supplies to the muscles (70% faster than other carbohydrates such as Dextrose and Maltodextrin)’ the product immediately caught my eye and after reading more about it and the reviews I decided to give it a go.

This is awesome!

I couldn’t wait to try my new found race fuel, so as soon as it arrived I made up a couple of bottles of it as directed, threw in an electrolyte tablet for some flavour and headed off on a 3 hour bike ride. First impressions? This is awesome! I didn’t need any extra fuel in the form of gels or cereal bars, and I didn’t feel as if my guts were rotting and teeth were decaying by the time I got home.

As you will know, training and racing are two different things. The intensity of a race can cause all sorts of problems, for example, under-arm-chafage from shaving too soon before a race, stomach cramps, cramps the full length of both legs – yes, I’ve had all three happen to me in one race! I was a wreck by the time I’d finished.

I was very keen to see how Vitargo® S2 performed ‘under pressure’.

So, with Salford Triathlon coming up I was very keen to see how Vitargo® S2 performed ‘under pressure’. My race day began with a couple of bowls of rice krispies cereal with rice milk, topped with some raisins and slivered almonds, and then a banana dipped in some nutella (mmmmm). To top up the carbs, fluids and calories, I also had an 800ml bottle of Vitargo with an electrolyte tablet, which I sipped on right up until the race start. Now, I didn’t have my best swim, but I put that down to a lack of race practice rather than a lack of fitness. I felt strong and relaxed throughout – maybe just a little too relaxed! I came out the water as 23rd lady, so I had a lot of ladies ahead of me to chase down on the bike section. In the past, I’ve had a bottle of standard energy drink with a couple of energy gels taped to my top tube but today was Vitargo’s day! I’d filled an 800ml bottle with Vitargo® S2 and thrown in a caffeinated electrolyte tablet for the bike section and you know what? It’s the best move I’ve ever made!

On return to transition, I was now 5th placed lady – I’d managed to pass seventeen ladies on the bike course!

I have never felt so good running off a hard bike and swim.

Now it was just the small matter of holding on to that position for the 10k run. The last time I’d ran 10k off a race pace 40k bike was way back in 2013, so I had no idea how it would go. I’m happy to report it went extremely well, I finished as 7th lady overall but also with a new 10k PB. I have never felt so good running off a hard bike and swim – there was no fatigue setting in, no stomach issues and energy galore!

BULK POWDERS™ Vitargo® S2 is the best race fuel bar none. Racing without the annoying stomach issues and feeling full of energy is so much more fun! I wish I’d found it sooner in my triathlon career, but I’m looking forward to racing together in the future. Next up is the Bala Standard distance Triathlon where I’m hoping to qualify to represent Great Britain (age group 35-39!?) at the European Triathlon Championships in Lisbon 2016.

Don’t waste another penny on anything else, choose Vitargo® S(uper-fuel)2 as your race fuel. You definitely won’t regret it!

P.S The crunchy peanut butter is awesome too!

About the Author:

Kat Roberts loves all things health and fitness and regularly takes part in sprint and stand distance triathlons, representing Great Britain along the way.

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