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Protein-Powdered Vegan Christmas List

Our round-up of the very best Christmas gifts for vegans.

From stocking stuffers to festive favourites, we’ve got an impressive list of vegan-friendly proteins, snacks, treats, and supplements ready for collection by Santa’s elves. All you need to do is scan this list for your favourite treats, then let your loved ones know how to surprise you this year.

Vegan Protein Powders

If you want to restock your protein powder shelf – or start using protein powder for the first time – then ask for a vegan protein powder. We’ve got plenty to choose from: our Vegan Protein Powder is a blend of 5 plant-based proteins. We also have a Vegan Mass Gainer (if 2019 is your year for gains!) and a number of single-ingredient vegan protein powders like Pea, Pumpkin, and Hemp proteins.


If someone wanted to really treat you for Christmas, they could look at our amazing VEGAN SERIES™. This is a standalone set of premium products developed just for vegans. Everything here is plant based, 100% vegan, and gluten-free too. There’s Vegan Protein Powder, Vegan Protein Bars, Vegan BCAA, a Vegan Vitamin D2 supplement, Vegan Mass Gainer, and a Vegan All-In-One supplement. If someone in the family really isn’t sure what to buy a vegan, just send them to this page. They literally cannot go wrong!

Vegan Treats

Lots of our sweet treats are totally vegan. Like our Organic Cacao Buttons (lovely for eating as they are, for use in baking, or as a topping for snacks), our Cacao Goji & Cashew Mix, and our Fruit Nut & Seed Mix. All of our raw organic nuts and seeds are vegan friendly (you’d be surprised by the brands that aren’t!). Or how about our Dark Chocolate Roasted Hazelnut Butter – yep, that’s vegan too!

Vegan Protein Bars

We take the time to think outside the box (there’s no need to put milk protein, whey, casein, egg white powder etc! in a protein bar). We want as many people as possible to be able to use and enjoy them. So why not add our Vegan Protein Bars to your Christmas list – it’s the perfect excuse to ask for an entire box. They have 21g protein per bar and come in 2 flavour options. Totally vegan, and gluten-free too.

Vegan Endurance Athletes

Our Complete Energy Gels™ are vegan – and they’d make a really useful, thoughtful pressie for any vegan cyclists, runner or triathlete. If you’re thinking along those lines, a lot of our single ingredient workout supplements are completely vegan. Take a look at our vegan-friendly creatine, vitamins, and BCAAs – just for starters!

Or just type in “vegan” in the search bar of our site. Nearly 200 items will pop up! A huge number of our ingredients, products, foods, treats, snacks, cheat foods, supplements, and proteins are vegan. Does Santa have room for everything in his sack?


Nicola Joyce has been writing for (and about) sport, fitness, nutrition and healthy living since 2004. She’s also a keen sportswoman: her background is in endurance sport but she now competes as a natural bodybuilder, most recently winning a world title with the INBF. When she’s not writing content, she can be found blogging. Follow her here and on Facebook & Twitter (@thefitwriter) too.

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