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Supplements are so often overlooked in sport, even at the highest levels.

I am not advocating a reliance on supplements as a replacement for a suitable, well balanced diet, however, supplements can be hugely effective in:

  • improving general health and wellbeing
  • aiding recovery
  • enhancing performance

So, what is in my monthly supplement order?

Part of my order changes on a regular basis – lots of factors influence what I choose to order each month, but there are some regulars, like Complete Recovery™.

This month I have just finished my indoor competition block and I’m 2 months out from outdoor competition – here are a few items that have made their way into my order:

Vitamin D

This is a daily must have supplement for me. There are so many advantages of Vitamin D. It supports lung function and cardiovascular health, maintains the health of bones and teeth, and supports the health of the immune system, brain and nervous system.

As your body is capable of producing its own Vitamin D, it is actually a pro-hormone rather than a vitamin. However, sunlight on the skin is required for this process and let’s be honest – this is pretty rare in the UK even at the best of times. For this reason Vitamin D should always make it into your supplement order. It has even been recommended by a government commissioned report.


For a sprinter, the performance benefits of Creatine cannot be overstated (basically a fuel source for ATP, which is an energy system used for short bursts of power). The most effective strategy to implement Creatine into a supplement plan is argued in different ways as opinions differ widely. For example, many people question whether a ‘loading phase’ is required.

I can’t tell you what will be the most beneficial, and it may even be the case that different methods work for different people, but I add Creatine into my post workout Complete Recovery™ shake in this phase of training. I use Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate. I also sometimes use Aftermath™ as a post workout shake as this already has Creatine in it.

Complete Recovery™

This is one of my personal favourite BULK POWDERS® products. I was first introduced to this product by my fabulous nutritionist David Stache at Nourish, and it has been a staple part of my nutrition strategy ever since. This contains everything you need for a perfect recovery drink: Maltodextrin, Waxy Maize Starch, Pure Whey Protein™, Leucine, Tart Cherry Powder, HMB, Electrolyte Powder, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6.

This product demonstrates one of the things I like most about BULK POWDERS® products – every product delivers impressive amounts and ratios of the key ingredients per serving. All too often you see products which claim to contain every ingredient under the sun but the dosage is far too low to see any notable benefit. Complete Recovery™ contains all you need in the correct dosage and ratio for recovery. Add to basket immediately!

It comes in two flavours but my favourite is Mixed Berry. The Waxy Maize gives it a slight powdery taste but as I outlined above, the benefits of this product mean it is one you really shouldn’t miss  no matter what your ultimate goal is.

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