• Rebecca Campsall Talks Explosive Power & Recovery

    As a sprinter, most of my training is focused on generating power and developing explosive strength. This is the case both on the track and in the gym. There are many ways this can be achieved but set out below are a few of my favourites. Hang clean In sprinting it is important to place […]

  • Stretching: Why? How? When?

    Most people believe that the best preparation for exercise is to stretch. You may be the sort of person who spends a solid 15 minutes on the mats before your workout or the person who has a quick stretch of your quads on the treadmill before your run. Either way, most athletes embrace the traditional, […]

  • Post Workout Protein for Women

    I often get approached by women who just aren’t seeing the results they want. They spend hours in the gym whether it be doing cardio or strength based exercises yet are unhappy with their progress. Nine times out of ten it comes down to their nutrition, specifically what they consume post workout. There seems to […]

  • Reach for the Rumble Roller

    If like me you suffer from the odd muscular niggle, you could do far worse than go and see a sports masseuse. I go and see a nice lady called Jodie. Jodie is deceptively strong for someone so small, and has a knack of making me want to cry. I don’t of course; I’m far […]

  • The Need for Recovery

    It was only recently I began to fully understand the necessity for sufficient recovery. Most believe the real “work” of working out happens in the gym, during hard, sweat-drenched sets. However it is the time outside the gym when the real work happens. The imperative recovery period that follows any workout is often a factor […]

  • Injury Prevention is Tantamount to Success

    The key to maintaining your training and achieving your goals depends hugely on how much time and intensity you can commit to your workout regimes. Factors such as your job, family commitments, and fatigue can limit your ability to succeed in this area. As difficult as such things can be to overcome, you may still […]

  • 4 Supplements To Support Sleep And Recovery

    Muscle, recovery and fat loss Sleep does more than make us feel good. It can have a massive impact on recovery, muscle gain and even fat loss. Here’s how to get better-quality shut-eye. Whatever rep range you train in, your CNS (central nervous system) is sure to take a battering at some point. Advanced lifters […]

  • NEW Complete Bedtime™ Protein Blend

    ** NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH ** | Complete Bedtime™ What is Complete Bedtime™? Train. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. A common phrase bandied about around the fitness community. Sleep is just as important as training hard and eating well for muscular growth and recovery. Bedtime supplementation is particularly popular amongst the CrossFit community due to the extreme nature […]

  • Stay Limber with Limber 11

    In our eternal quest for knowledge, we stumbled across this video from strength & conditioning adonis Joe DeFranco. This is a simple and practical routine that Joe has devised to promote flexibility and improve mobility – and all you need is 15-20 minutes, a lacrosse ball and a foam roller (or PVC pipe). To quote […]

  • Injuries and Rehabilitation

    Coming back from Injury If you’re a.) a young whipper-snapper or b.) lucky, there is a small chance you won’t relate to this. If you are neither however, you are probably well aware of the perils of training and competitive sport, and the by-product of this: the common injury. At one point or another, most […]