Training and Exercise

  • Early Bird vs Night Owl: Are There Any Benefits To Waking Up Early?

      If you’ve been around on social media long enough, you’ve definitely seen those go-getters who swear by their morning routine: wake up at 5am, do yoga, drink some strange concoction they swear has magical powers (like kombucha or butter-coffee), perform 1000 crunches, whatever. However, with so much hype around early mornings and getting after […]

  • Finding Fitness Balance In January

      Ready for a revolutionary approach to “new year, new me” January means New Year, new me… right? Well, not necessarily. We think there’s a better way to approach your fitness goals in January. And it might just lead to more success year round. Have you ever noticed that extremes are common in fitness. No […]

  • 7 New Fitness Classes & Sports To Try In 2019

      Make 2019 the year you try something new – and freshen up your fitness! “Exercise” is such a New Year’s Resolution cliche, but what about those of us who already train? Can “exercise even more” be a resolution? How about this for a twist: “try a new type of exercise”! If you’re feeling more […]

  • Your Training Questions: Answered

    1. How much should I start lifting? Not much. You want to start with lighter weights – or even bodyweight movements – and get a better understanding of how to move your body. This is especially true if you’ve never trained before or haven’t played sport. Focus on learning to move better, then when you’re […]

  • Utilising Isometrics to Develop Strength

      One of the most under utilised training and rehabilitation methods is isometric contractions (and eccentrics for that matter but I’ll focus on them in another post). Isometrics are an extremely versatile tool that can have a positive impact on a number of physiological traits ranging from building strength to improving motor control to reducing […]

  • 3 Key Elements to Develop Shoulder Stability

      The shoulder is a complex joint with a very large range of motion in all directions and planes of motion. On the scale of mobility/stability based joints, the shoulder sits firmly at the mobile end of the spectrum. As a result, keeping the shoulder joint stable, robust and, most importantly, healthy can prove challenging […]

  • How to Target the Teres Minor & Major

      Teres Minor & Teres Major How To Target These Muscles And Why Anatomy of the Back Firstly, let us make sure we understand the anatomy of the back. As I’m sure you’re already aware, the muscles which comprise the majority of the back are the trapezius (traps) and the latissimus dorsi (lats). However, there […]

  • CrossFit: Benefits, Dangers & Exercises

      Understanding CrossFit & Its Benefits CrossFit is a concept and style of workout/exercise regime which has been around since the early 2000’s. But it is only in the past few years where it has become a big thing in the UK. So the question is, why? What does CrossFit involve that makes it so […]

  • 5 Cable Exercises for your Core

      The cables are one of the relatively new pieces of equipment to be seen in most modern day gyms, yet they can be neglected by many or not used to their maximal potential. One area a lot of people don’t use cable machines for are the abdominal muscles. Our question is, why not? This […]

  • Rack Pulls: How To, Benefits & Form

      The “Rack Pull” is a variation of the deadlift. This exercise is used to improve strength in the deadlift movement, and also as a compound exercise which has great hypertrophy benefits for the back, in particular the lower back. When performing regular deadlifts, a lot of people struggle to keep their back straight and […]