Training and Exercise

  • How to Split Shoulders Between Push & Pull Day

      The deltoids are made up of 3 heads; the anterior (front) lateral (middle) and posterior (rear). This means that in order to effectively target the whole of the deltoids, movements must be performed which require each head to contract and relax. Splitting your training into a Push/Pull/Legs routine has become popular over recent years, […]

  • Do You Need a Fitness Tracker?

      Fitness might not have changed, but technology has. The way we train has adapted to the science and technology around it – and fitness trackers are a great example of this process. The big question you might be asking yourself is “do I need a fitness tracker?”. This question is actually pretty simple – […]

  • Which Bench Press Variation Should You Be Using?

      As you’ll have probably noticed, there are a number of different variations to the bench press. The angles utilised most frequently include incline, decline and flat. As well as this, the bench press can be performed with either a barbell, or dumbbells. This article will explain the benefits of each variation, and help you […]

  • Competing This Year? Read This First

      Top tips if you’re planning to step on a bodybuilding stage this year Bodybuilding competitions are not for the fainthearted. Sure, they can be done as a personal challenge to show the results of your hard work. Not everybody competes to win or get a coveted Pro Card. But no matter what personal reason […]

  • Are You Getting Enough Quality Sleep?

      How often do you feel refreshed after a night’s sleep? And how hard do you find it to actually nod off in the first place? A lack of sleep, even as little as a couple of night’s worth, can seriously impact your performance at work, or more importantly – the gym. So what can […]

  • Understanding the Science of DOMS

      How to Recover After a Workout DOMS can cause muscle weakness and pain in the days following an intense workout. This can prevent you from training on a regular basis and in order to know how to recover, you must first understand why we experience DOMs. There are a number of precautionary steps someone […]

  • How Can a Lifting Belt Help You?

      Weightlifting belts are, without exception, probably the most incorrectly used piece of fitness accessory equipment! This largely comes from a misunderstanding about the reason as to why weightlifting belts are used, particularly in strength sports like powerlifting or weightlifting. Many people use weightlifting belts to strap themselves in tight and to almost try to […]

  • Early Bird vs Night Owl: Are There Any Benefits To Waking Up Early?

      If you’ve been around on social media long enough, you’ve definitely seen those go-getters who swear by their morning routine: wake up at 5am, do yoga, drink some strange concoction they swear has magical powers (like kombucha or butter-coffee), perform 1000 crunches, whatever. However, with so much hype around early mornings and getting after […]

  • Finding Fitness Balance In January

      Ready for a revolutionary approach to “new year, new me” January means New Year, new me… right? Well, not necessarily. We think there’s a better way to approach your fitness goals in January. And it might just lead to more success year round. Have you ever noticed that extremes are common in fitness. No […]

  • 7 New Fitness Classes & Sports To Try In 2019

      Make 2019 the year you try something new – and freshen up your fitness! “Exercise” is such a New Year’s Resolution cliche, but what about those of us who already train? Can “exercise even more” be a resolution? How about this for a twist: “try a new type of exercise”! If you’re feeling more […]