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2013 – what a year. We’ve had a rebrand, a sprinkling of Broscience and a diet revolution. So what better way to sum up a year with BULK POWDERS™ than to revisit our most popular blog posts of 2013. A Christmas present for those of you who missed them the first time around and a trip down memory lane for anyone who has seen them before. Here are the top 10 blog posts of 2013 by BULK POWDERS™, chosen by you.


10. The Diet Revolution

If you need to revolutionise your diet then look no further – break from your ‘norm’ by following the three simple tips outlined in this post: carbohydrate cycling, nutrient timing and training on empty.


9. Holy Grail: Big Yet Lean

It’s what everyone is trying to achieve – a muscular and low fat physique, but we sometimes question whether it is even possible! This blog post gives some good hints and tips to those aiming for the ‘ideal’ physique of big yet lean.


8. Interview With Mobster

The power grip champion gives us, as always, his painfully honest and provocative views on the beach body look, The Rock, broscience and chain gyms. Gripping reading!


7. HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate)

Do you know the difference between HMB and Leucine and how they work? To find out which reduces muscle breakdown and which increases protein synthesis, take a look at this post.


6. Creatine in Pre-Workouts Supplements?

If you’re confused about when to take creatine, this blog post helps to dispel myths and gives you some good basic knowledge about whether taking creatine before or after your workout is most beneficial.


5. Broscience Part I: Do you even lift, bro?

When the internet is awash with broscience, your gym is full of guys chatting about what they read on the internet, and your favourite forum has just recommended that you should cut chicken from your diet, come to us… we’ve got both sides of the story and we’re not afraid to tell it like it is – regardless of whether pro science or broscience wins out.


4. BULK POWDERS™ Rebrand

The biggest step we’ve ever taken as a company and a particular highlight of the year for us was our rebrand. Read our reasons for the rebrand in our fourth most read blog post of the year.


3. BULK POWDERS™ Sports Supplements Infographic

It can be very confusing, even overwhelming, for a beginner to enter the world of sports nutrition. Even people who have been taking supplements for years can find themselves a little lost as to if they are taking the right thing for their needs. This easy to read infographic does the hard work for you!


2. Gym Etiquette #dontbethatguy

A number two is our guide to gym etiquette, or rather which stereotype to not be at the gym. We expect this got a lot of attention from people who were told they fitted into a particular stereotype. So if you have a friend who is a pain to train with, why not (subtly) let them know?


1. Goldilocks & the Protein Bear

Our number one most read blog post of 2013 goes to the now legendary tale of Mr Mobster and his intruder in a story we like to call Goldilocks and the Protein Bear. If you missed this epic (and cautionary) tale then take a read!

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