Tips On Getting Back Into Fitness

Tips on getting back into fitness
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Some people would argue that starting the gym for the first time is a big step; a bit like learning to ride a bike. It’s scary to begin with, and chances are you’ll fall down along the way, but the more you stick with it, the easier it gets.

Before long the gym and working out becomes a habit – it’s what you do. It’s a large part of your everyday life. You make choices that will ultimately steer you towards being fitter, healthier and happier.

But what happens when the habit is broken?

It’s not uncommon for our fitness routines to change, and this can happen for a number of reasons; work commitments, travel, finances, pregnancy, illness, injury. And when this break in routine occurs, it can be extremely tough to get back in the game – despite our best intentions.

In some cases, simply throwing yourself back into things can be the perfect remedy. It’s almost as if you never had time away! You might struggle for the first few sessions back, but pretty soon you’ll be feeling great, remembering why you loved training so much in the first place!

But for others, it can more problematic.

Consider these tips for easing your way back into fitness after an extended period of inactivity:

Baby steps.

The key here is to get back into your routine gradually. You might be lacking in motivation when you first start going to the gym again. Similarly, you might find that you’re overly tired after workouts and in between. Listen to your body. Make sure you build things up progressively and ensure you’re getting the rest you need to recover properly.

Have a plan.

It sounds simple, and it is. Have a plan! It could be a week plan, a month plan, or a plan for the year – it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that when you get to the gym you are 100% focused and you know precisely what you’re there to do. If you turn up and you’re not really sure what you’re doing, your workout will suffer and so will your progress.

Do the things you enjoy.

You’re not always meant to enjoy what you do in the gym. At least, if it’s too enjoyable it probably isn’t having a huge impact on your physique or fitness. There are exceptions of course! The key is to make sure you get the balance right. Do some of the things you dislike, with a dose of the things you enjoy. Our dislikes are often our weaknesses, so it’s important not to neglect them. But doing what we like helps to keep motivation high and this will ensure you stay on track!

Train with a friend.

Some people like to train alone like lone warriors. Headphones in, and away you go! But not everyone is that motivated or disciplined to do so. If that’s the case with you, try finding a training partner. It is a lot easier to commit to getting back into things if you have a responsibility to a friend or training buddy. You might not feel like turning up to a session, but knowing that you can’t let your partner down will encourage you to go anyway.

Reward yourself.

In a similar vein to having a training plan, setting yourself targets and rewarding yourself for hitting certain milestones represents a fun way to make the prospect of hitting the gym again, seem a bit more appealing.

If you know you’re working towards something – a new pair of shoes, a meal out, a city break, new aftershave – you’ll be more inclined to commit yourself properly. Run a little further, or lift a bit more weight, and you’ll begin to reap the rewards in and out of the gym.

Make sure your nutrition is spot on.

If you’re starting back at the gym or dusting off your running shoes for the first time in a while, it’s important that you consider your nutrition and diet. Your diet will have a major impact on these things: performance, results and your ability to recover after exercise.

Make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of success by addressing aspects of your diet that need improvement. Popular supplements like Pure Whey Protein™, Super Strength Omega 3 Fish Oils, Complete Multivitamin Complex™ and Complete Greens™ Tabs will go a long way to helping you progress, giving you the key nutrients you need to train hard and recover stronger.

Good luck – you’ve got this!

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