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We chat to our athlete, Gabriel Sey, about the things that you probably aren’t doing that could really help grow your arms!

Tip #1

Focus on the different arm muscles, paying attention to the structure of the triceps and biceps. Taking the biceps as an example, by training the long-head of the bicep with exercises such as the bicep curl you’ll be able to target the ‘peak’ of the muscle. To hit the brachialis, try some hammer grip movements (fists facing towards you).

For the triceps there are 3 heads. How do you hit them all? Gabriel suggests hitting the long-head to really help your arms to grow – think about exercises such as skull crushers, french press etc. For a lateral-head focus, try movements where your arms are pinned in at your sides and you’re pressing down, like tricep extensions. The medial-head can be attacked using underhand exercises.

Tip #2

If you really want your arms to grow you need to separate your arm training from your chest and back training, for example. You need to prioritise arms, rather than adding arm exercises to the end of a training session when your muscles are already fatigued…

Tip #3

Don’t ignore the big compound moves like barbell curls or close-grip bench press. Both exercises are ideal for overloading the muscle.

Tip #4

A bonus tip from Gabriel – watch the video to find out!

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