The Ultimate Salmon & Veg Recipe

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Salmon fillet

Bulk Powders Lemon & Herb Active Seasoning

Bulk Powders 1 Calorie Spray



Pinch of salt

Sweet potato

Dried garlic (optional)


 Season a salmon fillet with our Lemon & Herb Active Seasonings and spray with our 1 Calorie Spray

      Bake in a non-stick baking tray at 180*C for 18 mins


         Add a few splashes of water to a small frying pan and begin to heat

          Sauté the asparagus and broccoli with a pinch of salt and pepper

          Cook for around 8 mins

Sweet Potato Wedges:

         Wash a sweet potato and roughly cut into wedges

          Add wedges to a non-stick baking tray

          Season with a pinch of salt and dried garlic

          Cook on 230*C for 30/35 minutes

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