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  • The Difference Between Weightlifting, Powerlifting, & Bodybuilding

      Here’s how to explain the differences between the three “lifting” sports. If you train with weights, you’ve probably had at least one confusing conversation with a non-lifter. Do you do that weight lifting thing? Is it like the one on telly in the Olympics? Do you lift up those big stones and pull trucks? […]

  • British Masters Weightlifting: The Interview

    Our very own coach & athlete, Jess Johns-Green, recently caught up with two British Masters Weightlifting hopefuls. Intro Right around the corner from BULK POWDERS™ HQ, is the training ground of two newcomers to British Masters Weightlifting who are taking the Masters division by storm.  Andrew Kearton and Wayne Elphinstone each brought home gold medals […]

  • How Knee Wraps Can Support Your Lifting

    Over the past few months we have launched some exciting new training accessories. If you missed the memo, we now offer lifting straps, wrist wraps and our latest innovation, knee wraps. As we continue to grow and improve our product range, the natural progression was for us to develop a small, but great quality training […]