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  • A Better Shoulder Warm Up To Maximise Overhead Strength

      The large majority of you reading this will know that you should warm up prior to exercise to increase flexibility, improve performance and reduce the chances of becoming injured. The problem with the term ‘warming up’ is that it emphasises the heating up of the body and muscles prior to exercise. What it fails […]

  • 3 Warm Up Movements to Improve Hip Mobility Before Squatting

      Whether you are training for aesthetic, performance or health reasons the squat pattern should be part of your training programme. The squat is naturally the most biomechanically friendly and efficient resting for the human body – we’ve all seen the pictures of men sat in the bottom of a squat playing chess right? One […]

  • Rebecca Campsall Explains The Importance Of A Warm Up

    Warm-up has always been my least favourite part of any session. This has been so since I was a kid, but for a different reason. As a younger athlete warming up was slow and boring. Now as I’m (a bit) older, warming up is a less enjoyable experience mainly because I am trying to warm […]