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  • What, when, and how much to eat post-workout?

      There are many different theories about what is best to eat in the post-workout window. The truth is, however, that the amount and type of each macronutrient we eat after training will depend on several factors such as our physique goals, how long until we next exercise and the type and volume of training […]

  • Vitargo® : Love at First Tri

    …okay, so the Salford standard distance triathlon I took part in on 26th July 2015 wasn’t my first ever triathlon, in fact, I first got involved in the sport back in 2008 and regularly raced at sprint and standard distances up until September 2013, with Wimbleball 70.3 and Ironman Wales thrown in, just for good […]

  • Vitargo®: A Post Workout Colossus

    Post Workout Nutrition Post workout nutrition is often considered the Holy Grail; the best time to refuel for optimum nutrient delivery and recovery. You only have to take a look around your gym or sports club as people are finishing their sessions to notice. The treadmill has bearly stopped revolving, and the weight plates are […]

  • Intra-Workout Supplements

    Intra-workout supplementation has often been overlooked in favour of both pre and post workout, but intra-workout supplements play an important role too. You probably already have your pre-workout supplements covered, but once your workout has started, you need something to give you a steady carb release to ensure that your body keeps on releasing insulin. […]

  • Harder, Faster, Longer – Endurance Training

    Although we see ourselves as a brand who offers unbeatable prices on sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements, we’re also becoming more prevalent amongst our dedicated endurance customers. BULK POWDERS™ are the official sponsors of the cycle racing team Team Swift as well as one of their riders. We also sponsor 16 year old Junior GB […]