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  • Sugar Alternatives | Low Calorie Sweeteners

      Healthy Sugar Alternatives If you’re trying to cut down on processed white sugar in your life, check out these healthier alternatives for sprinkling, stirring, and baking. There’s nothing wrong with white sugar per se, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s high in calories and low in nutrients. White sugar has […]

  • Prebiotics | Health From The Inside Out

      Gut health is a fashionable topic lately. With everything from leaky gut to craving control being up for grabs, it seems like there’s a new benefit to gut healing every month. Prebiotics have shouldered some of the spotlight in gut health. They’re resistant compounds that aren’t digested but provide a positive environment for microorganisms […]

  • The Many Benefits of Fibre: Are you getting enough?

      The effects of fibre were first described thousands of years ago with the famous Greek thinker Hippocrates noticing, in around 430BC, the different digestive system effects of coarse wheat when compared to more refined forms. Most people are aware that fibre is good for them and promotes the health of the gut, but in […]

  • Hazelnut & Cacao Cookies Recipe

    What happens when you mix some of our amazing Hazelnut Butter with Organic Cacao Liquor Buttons? You guessed it – you get this incredible Hazelnut & Cacao Cookies recipe absolutely bursting with nutritious glory! And at less than 90 calories per cookie, it’s worth helping yourself to a few! Instructions: 1.) Preheat oven to 180 […]

  • Protein Pop Tart Recipe

    Some people believe that back in prehistoric times, when the asteroids hit and the dinosaurs were wiped out, the only thing remaining on earth was The Beltsander and his original recipe creations etched into stone. All we know is that he makes a formidable Protein Pop Tart recipe and it boasts an almighty 67g protein! […]

  • Protein Sandwich Bread (Dairy Free) Recipe

    Back in ancient times people used to write tales about her; poets would dedicate their words in her honour. Some say she had the ability to heal whole armies with her baking goodies; others believe her treats gifted the power of invincibility upon those who ate them. All we know is that her name is […]

  • VitaFiber™ Protein Chewits Recipe

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen, The Beltsander casually releases this VitaFiber™ Protein Chewits recipe. It may look a bit like dried turkey pieces but we promise it tastes nothing like that – and with only two main ingredients, it’s an absolute doddle to make! Mrs Beltsander, who […]

  • VitaFiber™ Rice Krispie Squares Recipe

    Some people believe that if you bake this recipe it automatically makes you a better human. Is this because of snap, crackle and pop? Who knows! All we can tell you is that The Beltsander, commonly known as the father of Odin, has produced something quite remarkable. Take a bite out of one of his […]