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  • Maximise Vegan Performance in 5 Steps

      The Vegan Athlete: 5 Tips for Maximising Performance and Recovery For the competitive athlete or sports-person, there are a list of priorities they need to consider to ensure they get the most out of their training and squeeze out every ounce of performance possible. The foundation of getting the most out of our training […]

  • 5 Steps to Vegan Weight Loss

      Vegan weight loss: Five tips for healthy vegan weight loss No matter how we cut it, or whatever fancy diet seems to be the latest weight loss fad, all weight loss diets ‘work’ by one simple irrefutable law of the universe…. we must be using (expending) more energy than we are consuming. There are […]

  • Vegan Protein Powders Compared

      Is protein powder vegan? Ask your Uncle Barry (who “used to go to the gym” …in the 80s) and he’d probably say protein powder is whey. To be fair to the man, there was a time when protein powder was very basic. But times have changed. Protein powder is no longer limited to whey […]

  • Vegan Protein: Sources, Intake & Meals

      Vegan Protein Sources One of the most important concerns for vegans who take part in regular exercise, either looking to lose weight or build muscle, is to ensure that they consume enough protein to support their needs. If we consider our protein intake as a pyramid of importance, then the amount of protein we […]