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  • Vegan Protein Powders Compared

      Is protein powder vegan? Ask your Uncle Barry (who “used to go to the gym” …in the 80s) and he’d probably say protein powder is whey. To be fair to the man, there was a time when protein powder was very basic. But times have changed. Protein powder is no longer limited to whey […]

  • Vegan Protein: The Lowdown

      If you’re plant-based, you’ve no doubt been asked where you get your protein from. Today we’re going to provide a definitive answer to this annoying question. We’re going to give you all the info you need on different types of vegan protein, their uses, and their important factors. 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing […]

  • Could You “Go Vegan” For A Month?

      Fitness writer and competitive bodybuilder Nicola Joyce decided to eat a vegan diet for World Vegan Month. We asked her all about it… We hear you’re eating vegan for a month. Why? If I’m honest, mostly as content for my blog! November is World Vegan Month, and I thought it would be an interesting […]

  • Lucy Watson Announced As Our New Vegan Ambassador

      Established influencer and champion of animal rights, Lucy Watson has today become a BULK POWDERS® Ambassador, representing our Vegan range of Sports Nutrition products. As brand ambassador Lucy will benefit from world class nutritional products to help her reap the full rewards of a plant-based diet. As a fitness fanatic & long-time vegan, Lucy […]

  • Could Veganism Be The Best Choice For Your Fitness?

      ‘Nutrition is the best route to complete health’. When it comes to fitness we link it to one food source, instead of finding the full balance of nutrition we need. Nutrition is important for all – not just bodybuilders and fitness lovers but this article is catering to those who are concerned about their […]

  • 30 Great Food Sources of Protein

      Protein is a powerhouse of the nutrition world. If you’re not familiar with its benefits by now, it’s about time you were. Our bodies need protein to support muscle growth and repair as well as maintain normal bone health – so if you’re an active person protein should be a consistent part of your […]

  • The ABC of Vegan Supplements

    If I could add a kilo to my squat for every person who’s been concerned about my health, as a vegan, I’d be a very happy squatter today. The knee-jerk conclusion seems to be that if you’re not eating animal flesh you’ll inevitably end up deficient in so many essential nutrients. Yet, when asked, no […]

  • Which Is The Best Vegan Protein Supplement? | Comparing Vegan Protein

      These days it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that vegans have no problem whatsoever getting enough protein from normal everyday food. This myth is long done, dead, buried. However, many vegans are trying to grow bigger, stronger, and more powerful by lifting heavy objects and really pushing our bodies. For this purpose it’s […]