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  • Vegan Protein: Sources, Intake & Meals

      Vegan Protein Sources One of the most important concerns for vegans who take part in regular exercise, either looking to lose weight or build muscle, is to ensure that they consume enough protein to support their needs. If we consider our protein intake as a pyramid of importance, then the amount of protein we […]

  • How to Maximise Muscle Growth as a Vegan

      One of the biggest myths surrounding the vegan lifestyle is that it is impossible to build decent amounts of muscle. Although in some regards it might be more challenging, it is entirely possible to grow muscle as long as you follow the same rules as those who have a more conventional dietary approach to […]

  • [Video] Vegan Unboxing & New Vegan Bar Review

      If you’re an existing customer, you’ll already know that we have an extensive range of supplements and Active Foods™ – but if you’re new to the BULK POWDERS® tribe, worry not, it’s something you will quickly come to realise, too. It isn’t simply our range of products that sets us apart though; it’s also […]