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  • Getting It Right | Training For Maximum Results

      It may shock some of you to hear a Personal Trainer saying that really, truly, exercise and weight loss are not rocket science. Of course I want to promote my services and convince would-be clients that I can train them to achieve results they wouldn’t see on their own. However the truth of the […]

  • Too Busy to Train?

    Finding Time to Train Finding time to train can be a major stumbling block for a lot of people. We work long hours; we have families to look after; there aren’t enough hours in the day, right? Anthony; a husband, a father to three children and Director We recently spoke to Anthony; a husband, a […]

  • Pre-Christmas Periodisation

    We’ve all been there before: it’s the lead up to Christmas and with your thoughts pre-occupied with parties and presents, it’s easy for your training goals to take a backseat. However, if you’re serious about your training, the pre-Christmas period can be a great opportunity to make some gains. For most people, all they want […]

  • Training Partners: Friend or Foe?

    In gyms and on bodybuilding forums, it is a fairly common occurrence that a lack of gains is attributed to not having a training partner. Is this really the case though? Is having a training partner an important piece of the gaining muscle jigsaw? Below, we look at the positives and negatives of training partners […]