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  • How To Choose Your Optimal Training Splits

      What is the best way to train each body part for your goals? Let me guess – when you started training, you copied workouts from the “Pros”. You took screenshots from social media (or, if you’re really old school, tore them out of magazines). Mr Olympia’s brutal biceps workout revealed! The World Champion’s secret […]

  • Smarter Programming

      When you land at the gym – do you get stuck into a programme or do you train whatever feels good at the time? There is no golden rule when it comes to programming, as long as you’re progressing right? However, I often see a reoccurring pattern in the gym when people don’t have […]

  • Why & How To Plan at the Gym

      It’s that time of year again; the New Year. The time when everyone is trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions to get back into shape, get their beach-bodies back and get summer ready! It’s when we decide to make those “fresh starts” with our diets and start smashing those workouts. We don’t always […]

  • Periodisation And Personal Progression

      Do you feel like your doing the same old routine in the gym, and not getting the results you want? You may want to consider structuring your training for your own progression goals. Periodisation has stood the test of time for the simple fact that there are so many ways to progress and structure […]