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  • Get to know: Sophie Aris

    From Art teacher in Oldham to bikini competitor and now health-and-fitness guru, Sophie’s friendly face, bubbly personality and relatable content has gained her over half a million Instagram followers. We sat down with our brand-new ambassador to find out more about her journey into the fitness world. When did you first get into fitness? About […]

  • Consistency in the Gym and in the Kitchen

      Consistency is a word that gets used a lot in the health and fitness industry and it is certainly true that to reach pretty much any fitness or physique goal, there has to be an element of consistency involved. That consistency might be in relation to your training or nutrition and for most people […]

  • Getting It Right | Training For Maximum Results

      It may shock some of you to hear a Personal Trainer saying that really, truly, exercise and weight loss are not rocket science. Of course I want to promote my services and convince would-be clients that I can train them to achieve results they wouldn’t see on their own. However the truth of the […]

  • The Ketogenic Diet

      The Ketogenic Diet is something which has become popular over the past year – however it may still be a confusing or strange concept to some. Therefore I wanted to take the opportunity to explain the Ketogenic Diet, the benefits of the diet and how you might go about changing towards a Ketogenic Diet. […]

  • Nutrition to Maximise Endurance Training

    Endurance training is defined by rhythmically performing relatively low intensity contractions for a relatively long period of time. This can be included across many different sporting disciplines such as marathon training, triathlon training, swimming, cycling and even team sports. From a physiological standpoint, endurance training results from enhanced blood flow to the relevant muscles, enhanced […]