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  • New Year: Six Pack Goals

      I think it’s fair to say that one of the most common gym goals in the world is to have an aesthetic, lean looking six pack. So why hasn’t everyone got one that wants one? Well we need to focus on a couple of fundamental areas to achieve this goal – but first, let’s […]

  • To PT Or Not To PT: That Is The Question

      Having more than 10-years experience working in the fitness industry as a trainer and coach, I know that many believe paying for personal training sessions is exclusively the preserve of unmotivated beginners. But what about the highly motivated beginner? Or advanced yet unmotivated gym goer? How about the powerlifting athlete keen to learn technique […]

  • The First Cuff Is The Deepest | Rotator Cuff

      Often, clients tell me they’re struggling with ongoing shoulder injuries. It’s an issue that, as you might expect, can severely hinder their training. The rotator cuff is a complex network of intricate muscles that enables numerous movement actions of the shoulder girdle. It is made up of four muscles, positioned around the shoulder joint […]

  • Liquid Diets – The Slim Farce

      Time and time again I assess client’s diet plans and see that they’re on some kind of meal replacement plan. It will include low calorie shakes and perhaps one meal per day (if that). So when I learn they’ve had some rapid weight loss, but now seek a plan to progress due to stalling […]

  • Squats and Programme Swots

      Why squats are a superfood to legs, like kale is to greens (although kale won’t grow your legs quite as much). The humble barbell squat is renowned for being the king of leg exercises, and is championed by numerous athletes and gym goers around the world today. But why? Put simply, this compound movement […]

  • The Training Checklist

    Myth busting, gym problems and super frets. So, you’re getting down the gym after a long period off, or perhaps for the first time. The gym environment is often thought of as a battlefield of ego and high-level experience – putting doubt in the eager beginner’s mind. I can assure you this is not the […]

  • Whey or No Way?

    Are protein powders the whey to go or is it all gym hype? “I don’t use that whey stuff it’s bad for you.” While I thought the myth culture surrounding mainstream supplements had died, I still hear this type of comment a lot from gym goers. Some even claim whey can bring about horrific side […]

  • Can You Build Muscle And Burn Fat At The Same Time?

    Ask a client what their goal is, and around 90% of responses will be a variation of the following: “I want to build some muscle and burn some fat.” You can’t zap fat tissue and build lean mass at the same time, they say. Their argument is one of thermodynamics – due to the way […]