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  • Sweet Potato Bread Recipe By Bulk Kitchen

    There isn’t much more satisfying than baking your own bread, especially when it’s the healthy kind. The BULK Kitchen chefs have created this simple Sweet Potato Bread recipe – using minimal ingredients. Got some free time this week or at the weekend? Give this recipe a go! Method: 1.) Put all the ingredients in a […]

  • Curried Sweet Potato & Kale Soup Recipe By Bulk Kitchen

    The master chefs of BULK Kitchen have delivered the ultimate ‘feel good’ recipe – Curried Sweet Potato & Kale Soup. It’s perfect as a quick snack, a warming lunch or even a hearty meal with the addition of some crusty bread or sticks of celery. Method: 1.) Heat the coconut oil in a large saucepan […]

  • Double Sweet Potato Rosti

    Summary Get your knashers around this savoury delight. A Double Sweet Potato Rosti recipe with high quality carbs and fats. Great as a tasty snack with a cup of Complete Protein Coffee™ Instructions 1.) Grate your sweet potato. I used a food processor to do this, for speed. Place your grated sweet potato in a […]

  • Chocolate Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

    Summary Nutritional Chocolate Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes that you can spice up with some added protein ice cream or perhaps some warmed mixed fruit. A great carb and protein recipe and perfect as a bit of a treat.   Instructions 1.) Add all dry ingredients together and mix. 2.) In a separate bowl mash the […]