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  • 9 FAQ’s About Nutrition: Answered

    Do I have to cut out fats from my diet in order to lose fat? Losing fat is all about being in a calorie deficit; first of all you’ll need to figure out how many calories you expend each day, this number is referred to as your TDEE. If your goal is fat loss, you’ll […]

  • Superfoods | What’s So ‘Super’ About Them?

      When I hear the word superfood there are a few things that jump to mind in terms of the qualities that I would expect a food to have; something that has some nutritional ‘value’ that is in exceptional quantities compared to other foods, contains certain health promoting compounds that are not typically found in […]

  • 3 Great Reasons to Try Maca Powder

    If you haven’t heard about the wonders of Maca Powder, where the devil have you been hiding? Rubbing shoulders with the other ‘superfoods’, Maca Powder is well regarded amongst nutritionists due to its notable nutritional properties – a rich essential amino acid profile, low GI carbs, and an abundance of vitamins and minerals. But what […]

  • BULK POWDERS™ A – Z of ‘Superfoods’ you should add to your diet – Part 1 (A – G)

    Superfoods and their health benefits as part of a well balanced diet ‘Superfoods’ are classed as being nutrient-rich foods that are ‘especially beneficial for health and well-being’. Although the addition of a few ‘superfoods’ can’t compensate for the effects of an unhealthy diet, if your diet is well balanced and providing all the nutrients you […]