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  • How Yoga Can Make You A Better Athlete

      What kind of yoga should you do to supplement your training? Stretching is good. You know that. In fact, we all know that we need to stretch more. But is yoga really a viable addition to a bodybuilding (or sport) training routine? What Even Is Yoga? 6 of the Most Popular Classes Explained… If […]

  • The Science of Stretching

      As a scientist I am naturally curious – about everything. I ask myself questions some people would find a bit “out there” but hey, it’s in my nature. I find that if we all understand WHY things happen or HOW things work we will be in a far better place to getting what we […]

  • Structuring your Warm Up & How to Stretch

    What is a Warm Up? A warm up can be classified as the method used to prepare an athlete mentally and physically for exercise (Jeffreys, 2007). You might be wondering; how do I warm up properly? How long should I stretch for? What type of stretching should I be doing? How should I structure my […]

  • Stretching: Why? How? When?

    Most people believe that the best preparation for exercise is to stretch. You may be the sort of person who spends a solid 15 minutes on the mats before your workout or the person who has a quick stretch of your quads on the treadmill before your run. Either way, most athletes embrace the traditional, […]