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  • Squat Your Way to Success

      Everyone squats, from beginners to pros and powerlifters. Here’s how to make squats work for you. There’s a reason you’ll find squats in any solid training programme. They build strength, muscle mass, power, and can even help you burn more body fat. Squats shape your quads, build your glutes, and beef up your hamstrings. […]

  • Ankle Dorsiflexion | What is it & why is it important?

      Ankle dorsiflexion is a movement whereby the angle between the top of the foot and the shin decreases. A practical example of this would be the knee bending and moving forward over your toes if you were stood with your foot flat on the floor. Ankle dorsiflexion is vital during everyday functional movements and […]

  • 3 Female-Focused Exercises For Strong Legs And Glutes

      Bodypart Of The Year Award (2017) goes to…. glutes! Everyone wants round glutes and strong legs. We picked three must-do exercises to achieve that look. 1) Sumo Squat Like all kinds of squat, a sumo squat is a compound exercise which targets more than one muscle group. It will mostly hit your glutes, hamstrings, […]

  • Squats and Programme Swots

      Why squats are a superfood to legs, like kale is to greens (although kale won’t grow your legs quite as much). The humble barbell squat is renowned for being the king of leg exercises, and is championed by numerous athletes and gym goers around the world today. But why? Put simply, this compound movement […]