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  • Surviving Freshers’ Flu on a Budget

      What is Freshers’ Flu? It doesn’t matter if it’s your first year or final year, freshers flu catches us all. Freshers’ flu is the dreaded ‘lurgy’ that most students get in the first few weeks of term. Freshers’ flu isn’t one ‘disease’ and can manifest itself in any number of ways depending on ‘what’s […]

  • 8 Natural Sleep Aids for a Great Sleep

      Sleep is a precious commodity these days. Trying to balance a 40+ hour working week with eating, training, meal prep, talking to your family, looking at memes, having a social life and getting 8 hours of sleep a night is a tough one. As a result, sleep often ends up being the thing that […]

  • The 4 Step Guide to Recovery

      Whether you’re an experienced trainer or someone getting started with workouts for the very first time, making sure that you’re giving your body every opportunity to recover is important and will allow you to train consistently. Your body won’t be conditioned to the stress of exercise and if you don’t employ the right approach […]

  • Boost your Potential by Mastering Recovery

    Everyone wants to get stronger and bigger in a short space of time. The logical thing to do here seems to be simple; train more. Usually when we want to progress in something, we practise as often as possible. Practise makes perfect, right? Maybe, but overdoing it may be your biggest downfall when it comes […]

  • Why You Really Don’t Want To Skip Sleep

      The less you sleep, the more hours you’ll have to do what’s really important in life. More work, better results! Right? Not quite. It might feel like a necessary evil, sinking time into laying in bed, seemingly unconcious, doing nothing. If you’re after results though, you should reconsider that position. Sleeping well and long […]

  • Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract Aids Sleep

    It is well known that Tart Cherries help to promote recovery, as they contain an abundance of antioxidants which help to prevent muscle soreness and inflammation. However, Tart Cherries are also effective at helping to promote longer and more efficient sleep. A recent study (Liu et al 2014) conducted at Louisiana State University demonstrated the […]