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  • The Running Edit: Nutrition and Stretching

      When it comes to running, nutrition, warming up and cooling down are essential for keeping your performance in tip-to condition. What should you eat? How should you stretch? We asked BULK POWDERS athlete and adidas Runners captain, Sajeh Tavasolie, for much-needed answers. How should I warm-up for a long run? If you head out […]

  • The Running Edit: Marathon advice from endurance experts

      Marathon season is upon us and you could probably do with a dose of extra motivation for the final push. Andy Elks and Laura Shewbridge are two seasoned endurance runners lining up for the London Marathon this year and as a happy coincidence, work for us at Bulk Powders HQ. We sat down with […]

  • The Running Edit: Five reasons why strength training is great for runners

    Five reasons why strength training is great for runners Whether you’re running your first 10k race or gearing up for this year’s London Marathon, strength training is your pre-race secret weapon. We sat down with six-time marathon runner and Lead Trainer at Digme Fitness, Ben Davie, to chat about the importance of mixing the miles […]

  • Adding Running to your Gym Routine

      Why Gym Goers Should Add Some Running to Their Routine We get it – you love lifting. And bodybuilding is a great focus – it builds strength, helps you maintain muscle as you get older, and of course makes you look good! But there is life beyond the weights room… and some of it […]

  • 7 Benefits of Cold Weather Running

      Who feels like going out in the cold and dark for cardio at this time of year? Science says you should. Discover how being cold can burn more calories! It’s official: if your winter goal is to prevent excess fat gain, there are legit reasons to bundle up and head outside for your workouts. […]

  • BULK POWDERS™ Partners With Running Heroes

    Founded in France in 2014, the website Running Heroes has gone from strength to strength. With 150,000+ members in France and over 10,000 already in the UK since launching in June 2015, Running Heroes connects brands such as BULK POWDERS™ with their community of members out pounding the pavements and treadmills. The way it works […]

  • 8 Best Foods for Runners

      Nutrition is an important basis of our health. In the last decade alone, scientists and nutritionists have been working nonstop with regards to research and studies that prove (or disprove) any wild health claims on different types of food. There is what we call the general nutrition guidelines which cater to most people and have […]

  • Join our STRAVA Cardio Community

    At BULK POWDERS™, we do not shy away from challenges. We also like to be close to our customers; to be able to motivate, inspire and track your progress. This is what #RevealYourself is all about – everyone is an athlete, provided they have the right state of mind. It’s not a matter of your […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Out On Your Running Journey

    Whitney Larkin, triathlete We recently caught up with Whitney Larkin, an up-and-coming triathlete and BULK POWDERS™ athlete, to speak to her about taking running more seriously, and to find out her top tips for starting out in the sport. Here is what she had to say: I started out as a swimmer, never doing any […]