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  • The Running Edit: Nutrition and Stretching

      When it comes to running, nutrition, warming up and cooling down are essential for keeping your performance in tip-to condition. What should you eat? How should you stretch? We asked BULK POWDERS athlete and adidas Runners captain, Sajeh Tavasolie, for much-needed answers. How should I warm-up for a long run? If you head out […]

  • Are You Getting Enough Quality Sleep?

      How often do you feel refreshed after a night’s sleep? And how hard do you find it to actually nod off in the first place? A lack of sleep, even as little as a couple of night’s worth, can seriously impact your performance at work, or more importantly – the gym. So what can […]

  • Understanding the Science of DOMS

      How to Recover After a Workout DOMS can cause muscle weakness and pain in the days following an intense workout. This can prevent you from training on a regular basis and in order to know how to recover, you must first understand why we experience DOMs. There are a number of precautionary steps someone […]

  • The 8 Essential Rules of Lifting

      Rules of Lifting Admit it; there have been some drawbacks to the recent “fitness craze”; such as the unfortunate pressure both men and women are placed under to look a certain way. It’s not just the superficial aspect of fitness though – training in general has been made to be overly complicated. We see […]

  • Recovery Techniques: Fact or Fancy?

      If you’ve paid any attention to our website, writing or social media you might notice that we quite like evidence-based practice. If you’re doing things that aren’t supported by science or, heaven forbid, have been shown to be useless, there’s a good possibility you’re wasting your time. Recovery techniques are full of snake oil […]

  • The 100 Point Recovery Points System

      In my previous blog post, I wrote about the What, Why and How of all things recovery, uncovering the tools I use with professional athletes to optimise recovery to facilitate the highest levels of performance. In this blog I am going to show you the system I use to ensure my athletes have a […]

  • The 4 Step Guide to Recovery

      Whether you’re an experienced trainer or someone entering the gym for the very first time, making sure that you are giving your body every opportunity to recover is important to allow you to train consistently. Your body will not be conditioned to the stress of exercise and if you don’t employ the right approach […]

  • Boost your Potential by Mastering Recovery

    Everyone wants to get stronger and bigger in a short space of time. The logical thing to do here seems to be simple; train more. Usually when we want to progress in something, we practise as often as possible. Practise makes perfect, right? Maybe, but overdoing it may be your biggest downfall when it comes […]

  • Optimising Recovery to Relieve & Prevent Muscle Soreness

      Optimising recovery in sport and fitness is of paramount importance particularly with quick turnarounds between games and the aim to push harder towards fitness goals. The high levels of activity both professional athletes and gym goers undertake can very easily lead to high levels of muscle soreness and general full body stiffness. This can […]