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  • Peppermint Creams Recipe

    Some say she celebrates Christmas at Easter and Halloween in February (because she’s a maverick, taking rules and breaking them). Some say she brushes her teeth with chocolate mint protein shakes to keep her breath minty fresh. All we know is she’s called The Muscle Baker and she does whatever she wants. Here is a […]

  • Raspberry Hearts Recipe

    Some boys believe that if you kiss her, you turn into a Prince. Others believe her out-of-this-world-tasty high protein recipes are the key to lifelong happiness and well filled tummies. All we know is she’s called The Muscle Baker, and this Valentine’s she’ll be romancing your tastebuds with this Raspberry Hearts Recipe. Instructions: 1.) In […]

  • Double Chocolate Pancake Cake Recipe

    Fill your boots this Pancake Day with a Double Chocolate Pancake Cake recipe, courtesy of the phenom that is The Muscle Baker. What could be more appetising than a stack of pancakes lathered in chocolate? Not a lot, let’s be honest. Why not give this a try yourself? It might just turn out to be […]

  • Baileys Protein Yule Log Recipe

    Some people say that he once saved the real Santa Claus from the evil clutches of Krampus. Others believe it is actually him, and not Saint Nick, who single-handedly makes and delivers toys each year, ensuring that every child in the world has a gift on Christmas morn. All we know is, he’s called The […]

  • Matcha Green Tea Truffles Recipe

    According to a report by The Sun (so it obviously must be true), a rogue group of activists recently broke into a research facility at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. It’s not known exactly what they were doing, but what is suggested is that our very own Muscle Baker had already been there. Besides […]

  • Raspberry Chocolate Nut Butter Sandwich Recipe

    Imagine a world where you can transform a high protein loaf into a delicious sandwich with ease – simply by getting a little bit naughty in the kitchen. Our Nuts About Whey™ range is the perfect way to turn a great recipe into something mind-blowing – like this Raspberry Chocolate Nut Butter Sandwich. With 5 […]

  • High Protein Apple Cinnamon Pie Recipe

    Here’s a simple recipe for High Protein Apple Cinnamon Pie, a combination of delightful sweet and savoury, with apple providing the sweetness and cinnamon complementing the flavours perfectly. At 10g protein and only 4g carbs per slice, it’d be rude not to try it for yourself! Instructions: 1.) Mix up all of your ingredients, except […]

  • Chia & Almond Protein Spread Recipe

    Back in Mayan times, it is believed that people would pray for the day her recipes would come. Some say the Mayan’s even created a statue in her honour, carved into the base of a Ceiba tree. All we know is she goes by the name, The Muscle Baker, and she continues to this day […]