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  • Off-Season Pain, For On-Season Glory

      Off Season vs. Competition Season – Training differences: Track If you’re involved in a sport that has an off season and a competition season, understanding the difference in training between off season and on season is hugely important. If you are doing the same thing all year round you’re not doing yourself justice and your […]

  • Nutrition and Supplements with Rebecca Campsall

      Rebecca Campsall talks us through her nutrition and supplements on a typical training day. Nutrition Breakfast: Oats with almond milk, blueberries and almonds. 1 piece of fruit. Coffee. Mid morning snack: cinnamon and raisin bagel with nut butter. Herbal tea. Snack: Banana. Lunch: Warm Caesar salad with a poached egg. 3pm: Fruit & nut […]

  • Unboxing my BULK POWDERS® Delivery | Rebecca Campsall

      Supplements are so often overlooked in sport, even at the highest levels. I am not advocating a reliance on supplements as a replacement for a suitable, well balanced diet, however, supplements can be hugely effective in: improving general health and wellbeing aiding recovery enhancing performance So, what is in my monthly supplement order? Part […]

  • Rebecca Campsall Explains The Importance Of A Warm Up

    Warm-up has always been my least favourite part of any session. This has been so since I was a kid, but for a different reason. As a younger athlete warming up was slow and boring. Now as I’m (a bit) older, warming up is a less enjoyable experience mainly because I am trying to warm […]

  • Rebecca Campsall Talks Explosive Power & Recovery

    As a sprinter, most of my training is focused on generating power and developing explosive strength. This is the case both on the track and in the gym. There are many ways this can be achieved but set out below are a few of my favourites. Hang clean In sprinting it is important to place […]