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  • Chocolate Protein Powders

      Not only do we think our chocolate flavoured protein powders are up there with the very best in terms of taste, texture and ‘mixability’, we also provide such an array of chocolate products that you can still enjoy the taste chocolate whatever your health and fitness goals. Our Range of Chocolate Protein Shakes Pure […]

  • Top 5 Ways to Get Enough Protein on the Go

      Protein is an essential macronutrient for muscle growth and repair. Protein should be consumed primarily through food sources. Check out our guide on 30 great food sources of protein. Supplements can be used as just that – a supplement, to make sure you are consuming enough protein on a daily basis to meet your […]

  • BULK POWDERS® Selected In 2018 European Business Awards “Ones To Watch” List

      BULK POWDERS® has been selected as one of just under 200 Companies that will appear on the 2018 European Business Awards ‘Ones to Watch’ list for the UK. As part of the criteria to make it on the list, the European Business Awards panel look for exceptional growth, significant innovation & an ethical approach […]

  • Men’s Fitness Sports Nutrition Awards 2018

      After an exciting end to 2017, with leading athletes such as Anthony Joshua joining TEAM BULK, and a strong start to 2018, we’re really proud to announce we have won not one… not two… but three awards in the Men’s Fitness Sports Nutrition Awards 2018! With product development at the heart of what we […]

  • 9 FAQ’s About Nutrition: Answered

    Do I have to cut out fats from my diet in order to lose fat? Losing fat is all about being in a calorie deficit; first of all you’ll need to figure out how many calories you expend each day, this number is referred to as your TDEE. If your goal is fat loss, you’ll […]

  • Supplementation on a Budget

    When thinking about the best way to get value from supplements it is important to take a look at our goals, our current diet and then think about how we can use supplements to either plug in the gaps where maybe our day to day nutrition falls short or where supplements can offer us a […]

  • Whey Protein | Why So Many Types?

      Looking for a protein supplement? Well most people would steer you in the direction of a Whey Protein supplement. However, for many who are new to sports nutrition and don’t know where to start this could be equally as confusing with a range of products each having a unique selling point. Now, where do […]

  • Whey or Casein: Which is Best?

      When it comes to quality sources of protein, those that come from dairy sources are up there with the very best. Whey and casein are the two major proteins that can be found in milk, and protein supplements are available that contain various forms of both whey and casein such as whey concentrate, isolate […]

  • What’s the difference between Pure Whey Protein™ and INFORMED WHEY®?

    Pure Whey Protein™ and INFORMED WHEY® are very similar products in the fact that they both offer 100% whey protein with no additional fat or carbohydrates added to the mix – the only carbohydrates come from the lactose derived from the whey. But what are the differences? If you are looking for whey protein with […]