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  • 7 Quick & Easy High Protein Recipes

    It’s no secret that we are blessed with some seriously good recipe contributors. You just have to look at the reaction on social media when a new recipe hits to understand how much our recipes change lives. That’s right people – they change lives! Simple High Protein Recipes. It’s as much about convenience as it […]

  • BULK POWDERS™ Pancake Day Competition

    Picture Your Pancakes Tomorrow is Pancake Day! What better way to celebrate than a BULK POWDERS™ Pancake competition. Our Instagram account is growing and we’ve seen loads of pictures of your BULK POWDERS™ inspired cooking creations from cakes to pancakes to pizzas to flapjacks. It’s time to dust down your apron, get tossing some pancakes […]

  • Protein Pow Workshop sponsored by BULK POWDERS™

    Protein recipes to get inspired in the kitchen Sick of eating chicken, rice and broccoli every day? Struggling for healthy cooking ideas? Want to treat yourself with a dessert but feel guilty eating gooey chocolaty treats? Sounds like you need some inspiration… Then look no further than Protein Pow. From its humble beginnings as a […]