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  • The Most Important Principles For Building Muscle

      Building muscle, on face value, is actually quite simple, create a stimulus for muscle to grow through weight training and provide enough of the right nutrients and energy to support muscle building processes. However simple this may seem, many people actually fail to get results for one of two main reasons; they either try […]

  • Exercises for Big Results

      Exercise selection is an important factor when you want to optimise the best possible results for size and strength. A common mistake I see in the gym with some trainees is the constant use of isolation type exercises, which recruit less muscle groups than that of compound exercises. Isolation exercises have their place in […]

  • Why & How To Plan at the Gym

      It’s that time of year again; the New Year. The time when everyone is trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions to get back into shape, get their beach-bodies back and get summer ready! It’s when we decide to make those “fresh starts” with our diets and start smashing those workouts. We don’t always […]

  • Periodisation And Personal Progression

      Do you feel like your doing the same old routine in the gym, and not getting the results you want? You may want to consider structuring your training for your own progression goals. Periodisation has stood the test of time for the simple fact that there are so many ways to progress and structure […]

  • Progressive Overload | Is Training Overload the key to Real Progress?

    Progressive overload is what I believe to be the key to good programming; from running a marathon, to training for a powerlifting meet, if progressive overload is not being utilised in the programme, the programme won’t be as efficient as it could and it will take far longer to accomplish the goal you set out […]