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  • What are the benefits of Probiotics?

      What are Probiotics? Probiotics support good gut health by increasing concentrations of friendly bacteria. They are ideal for anyone looking to improve digestion and to provide relief to the symptoms of intestinal disorders or discomforts which can be an issue for many. Probiotics can be found naturally in some fermented dairy products, however the […]

  • Top Supplements for Health & Wellbeing

    General Health and Wellbeing is essential for you leading a happy life day to day, so what better way to stay on top of things, than our range of products which help to support this goal? This will guide you through our range of Top 5 supplements for Health & Wellbeing, no matter what sport […]

  • Probiotics and Blood Pressure

    Probiotics are somewhat of an enigma; it is known that they are good for you, however many are not aware of the full range of benefits. Probiotics are associated with improved gut health, improved digestion and improved immunity. However, further benefits associated with probiotics are vastly unknown and until recently have not been researched. A […]

  • Power Probiotics – The role of probiotics on performance

    What do probiotics do? Probiotics are known to promote health and well-being and have been linked to a number of benefits such as immune health, improved digestion, weight loss and even brain health. However the link between probiotics and performance is not as well established. There may have been studies suggesting performance benefits due to […]