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  • Bulk Eats: Active Omelette recipe

      How often do you find an “easy”, “healthy” recipe online which turns out to not be so easy or healthy? Well, this one follows through on those promises. An omelette is a great option for a meal that’s packed with protein and is simple to prepare when you’re short on time. This recipe uses […]

  • Going Vegan: Giovanni Fois

      Four of our ambassadors were given the challenge to go vegan for January. We recently caught up with Giovanni to find out how he’s getting on! How are you finding it so far? Are you finding it hard? I’m enjoying it because I’m discovering lots of new foods and dishes! The only problem is […]

  • Going Vegan: Alex Cleland

      Four of our ambassadors were given the challenge to go vegan for January. We caught up with Alex Cleland to find out how he’s getting on! How are you finding it? I’m finding it difficult and a big change to my usual way of eating. Usually, I’m a big meat and dairy eater so […]

  • Q&A with Lucy Watson

    Ever wondered how Lucy Watson keeps herself fit and stress-free? We recently sat down with our vegan ambassador Lucy, to find out more about her wellness regime.    How do you stay fit? I like to do both low and high intensity workouts throughout the week.  I really enjoy going to circuits and aim to […]

  • How to fit a workout around your 9-5

    For most people, finding the time to workout when you have a full-time job can seem virtually impossible. But you can be on your way to achieving your goals with a simple change in mindset and a couple of tweaks to your day to day.  Below are four easy steps to becoming the best version […]

  • Your Easter Egg: 5 Ways

    Easter: one minute you’re watching BBC specials on the sofa, the next you’re surrounded by ten different chocolate eggs – and a bunny for good measure. Lucky for you, we’ve got five delicious treats to make with all your leftover eggs. A Cup Alright, hear us out… not the healthiest option, but definitely the most […]

  • Health: Mind, Body & Soul

      Since many of us will be spending more time at home than usual, we’re letting you in on some top tips on how to look after not just your body but your mind, too. Make Time for You Whether working out is your thing or reading a book cleanses your soul, make yourself a […]

  • 9 FAQ’s About Nutrition: Answered

    Do I have to cut out fats from my diet in order to lose fat? Losing fat is all about being in a calorie deficit; first of all you’ll need to figure out how many calories you expend each day, this number is referred to as your TDEE. If your goal is fat loss, you’ll […]

  • Living Your Life vs. Nailing Your Nutrition: Getting The Balance Right

    When did you last stop to assess your nutrition? If it’s no longer serving your lifestyle, here’s how to get the balance back. Nutrition and fitness, diet and training. They’re such an ingrained part of our lives these days. 10 years ago, only professional athletes and elite amateurs paid such close attention to diet. Macros meant a […]