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  • Boost Your BCAA With These Clever Combinations

      If you want to hang on to as much muscle mass as possible when you’re training hard, doing cardio, and cutting away at body fat, BCAA’s are your best friend. BCAA’s – branched chain amino acids – are considered to be the most important essential amino acids for building and retaining that precious muscle […]

  • 3 Female-Focused Exercises For Strong Legs And Glutes

      Bodypart Of The Year Award (2017) goes to…. glutes! Everyone wants round glutes and strong legs. We picked three must-do exercises to achieve that look. 1) Sumo Squat Like all kinds of squat, a sumo squat is a compound exercise which targets more than one muscle group. It will mostly hit your glutes, hamstrings, […]

  • Putting Fitness In Context: Real Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

      Be honest – do you compare yourself to other people’s gym selfies? I think we’ve all done it. Even if you’re not comparing yourself to someone’s Insta feed, chances are you measure your progress against someone in the gym… Measuring yourself against anyone else (especially someone’s social media “best bits”) can quickly lead to […]

  • Supplements | What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Formulation?

      Have you ever noticed that some sports supplements are single-ingredient products, ready to be used by themselves or mixed up by you at home. But others are offered as a formula, developed by a team of experts and ready mixed at just the right combination and dose? If all the ingredients in the formulas […]

  • New To Supplements? Start With These!

      If this is your first visit to a sports supplement site, you might be feeling dazzled by the choice! Where should you start? How do you work out what will help you? The truth is, there’s no need to splash out on a huge range of supplements at the start of your journey. We’ve […]

  • What Is Creatine Loading?

      And should you be doing it? We already know that creatine is not just one of the most widely used (and researched) supplements. We also know that it works. But there’s still one question creatine users can’t agree on: should you load it, or just take a steady dose? Creatine 101 In case this […]

  • Train Your Posterior Chain

      You can’t see it, but that’s no excuse for ignoring it. Here’s how to develop a stronger posterior chain. Bodybuilders have a saying, that “bodybuilding competitions are won from the back”. Whilst that might not always be true, there’s no denying that the muscles of the posterior chain create a powerful physique. How much […]

  • Can I Really Eat Carbs And Still Lose Weight?

      Do you still think you need to go low-carb to lose weight? We have some good news…. Are you still doing the low-carb thing? What if we told you that you can have carbs in your diet and still lose weight? In fact, some research shows that people who eat carbs lose more weight […]

  • 13 Baking Essentials: Supplements & Active Foods™

      If your healthy diet is boring, you’re doing it wrong! There’s never been a better time to whip up healthy recipes. Discover the 13 most popular ingredients for healthy baking recipes (then get cooking with inspiration from recipes on The Core™). If you’ve never tried using your protein supplements and Active Foods™ in home […]