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  • Protein Bites

    Summary Try your hand at this fantastic protein bites recipe. It’s a perfect pre-workout snack for low carb days and goes well with a cup of coffee too! Instructions 1.) Melt the coconut oil and allow to cool slightly 2.) Add the remaining ingredients and mix until evenly distributed 3.) Using a teaspoon and your […]

  • White Chocolate & Maca Protein Truffles

    Summary White chocolate & maca protein truffles need no introduction. The picture says it all. These are fantastic tasting high-protein, low carb treats, plus they are gluten, wheat and sugar free! Instructions 1.) Firstly, melt your coconut oil, agave and cashew butter. You can do this in a pan or if you’re impatient, in the […]

  • Green Maca Smoothie

    Summary A quick and easy Green Maca smoothie recipe to help you take on the world! Add a scoop of Pure Whey Protein™ (Peaches & Cream) or unflavoured whey to increase the protein content. Instructions 1.) Throw everything in a blender. 2.) Blend until smooth. 3.) Pour the contents into your favourite Thundercats mug. Enjoy! […]