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  • What is Cholesterol?

      Cholesterol is a name that most of us have heard, but there are very few of us who know what exactly it is and what it works to do. Moreover, a lot of people wonder how to lower their cholesterol levels but don’t exactly know how to do it. Today we will be answering […]

  • Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

      To lead a healthy life, two things you should definitely do are engage in regular exercise and hang out with friends. The best idea is to combine both things and work out with your buddies to have fun, get motivated and fast-track your goals. Some people exercise alone to stay focused, but for others, […]

  • Planning Your Workout | Understanding Muscle Fibre Types

    The moment you enter the weight room you begin to ask yourself questions: How much weight should I be lifting? How many reps should I perform? How many sets? What am I doing here? Why does this even matter?! If you are new to the gym, perhaps new to exercise or still trying to understand […]

  • Festive Pretox: 5 Ways To Prepare To Party

    With Christmas right around the corner it is definitely time to start putting into place steps that can help prepare your body for what is an onslaught of desirable treats. These can include roasted potatoes, puddings and desserts, numerous sweets and of course not forgetting mulled wine and other alcoholic beverages. Preparation for the festive period is […]

  • Build Muscle With GVT

    German Volume Training (GVT) will shock your body into gaining lean muscle mass with its ability to place vast amounts of stress onto one motor unit (group of muscle fibres). Developed in Germany in the 70s, German volume training (GVT) was taken up by national weightlifting coach Rolf Feser and used primarily in the off-season […]

  • Vanilla Protein Swirls Recipe

    Here’s a quick and easy Vanilla Protein Swirls recipe, perfect if you’re on a low carb diet but need a fast supply of high quality protein and fats. Each serving delivers a whopping 49.5g protein, plus healthy fats and omega 3’s. Try it yourself! Instructions: 1.) Heat up the coconut oil in a non-stick pan […]

  • How Do You Lose Fat?

    Surely it should be simple? You eat less food and become more active, right? Well I am afraid to say it is simply not that easy. With so much conflicting advice out there, I wanted to put together a blog post giving my personally tested 3 steps to fat loss. CARB CYCLING. I am a […]

  • Metabolic Conditioning – Increase Your Performance

    The aim of a metabolic conditioning circuit is to increase the performance of your muscles when using a specific energy system. The energy systems are best known as metabolic energy pathways, and all contribute to supplying our muscles with energy. With metabolic conditioning (MetCon), you focus on improving one of these energy systems, enhancing the supply of […]

  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Pulling Power

      The pull-up is undoubtedly the king of all upper body exercises, which is exactly why it is called the upper body squat. You cannot honestly consider yourself strong until you have conquered it! The lat pull-down cannot even come close to comparing to the might of the pull-up. Although I don’t mind an occasional […]