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  • Personalise Your Intra Workout Supplementation

      Following on from the “Personalise Your Pre-Workout” article, we are going to take a look at intra workout supplementation. Intra workout is the period during our workout and these supplements are designed to help support performance and muscle growth during exercise. There are a few different situations in which intra workout supplementation may be […]

  • Supplements | What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Formulation?

      Have you ever noticed that some sports supplements are single-ingredient products, ready to be used by themselves or mixed up by you at home. But others are offered as a formula, developed by a team of experts and ready mixed at just the right combination and dose? If all the ingredients in the formulas […]

  • Do You Need A Specific Intra-Workout Drink?

    What’s in your drinks bottle during your workout? And does it really matter? Endurance athletes need to pay attention to intra-workout nutrition. But what about us? Do we need a specific drink for our lifting sessions? Like most sports-supplement topics, it’s a case of “you don’t need it, but it could help…” You could go […]