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  • BULK POWDERS® Selected In 2018 European Business Awards “Ones To Watch” List

      BULK POWDERS® has been selected as one of just under 200 Companies that will appear on the 2018 European Business Awards ‘Ones to Watch’ list for the UK. As part of the criteria to make it on the list, the European Business Awards panel look for exceptional growth, significant innovation & an ethical approach […]

  • Men’s Fitness Sports Nutrition Awards 2018

      After an exciting end to 2017, with leading athletes such as Anthony Joshua joining TEAM BULK, and a strong start to 2018, we’re really proud to announce we have won not one… not two… but three awards in the Men’s Fitness Sports Nutrition Awards 2018! With product development at the heart of what we […]

  • 10 Essential Products You Need In Your Gym Bag

      Get the most out of every session with a well-stocked kit bag! You’ve been dreaming about tonight’s training session all day. Sat at your desk, you’ve planned every set. You blast your favourite training tunes in the car on the way to the gym. Now imagine arriving at the gym, setting up… only to […]

  • Apple & Lime BCAA Sorbet Recipe

      The sun has finally decided to make its appearance, so why not get ready for summer and cool off with this refreshing Apple & Lime BCAA Sorbet. INSTRUCTIONS 1.) Add apples, milk and BCAA’s to a blender and blitz. If your blender is of high quality you wont have a problem, however if you have […]

  • Put down the fizz, drink Cola Instant BCAA

    A 200ml serving of a popular fizzy drink contains the equivalent of five teaspoons of sugar. We don’t want that – sugar is the curse of making gains. So how about a diet one, a ‘lite’ one or one that has no calories in it at all? On the face of it, that doesn’t sound […]