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  • How To Return To Exercise After Injury

      In this article I am going to teach you how to safely and effectively return to exercise following injury. Returning to exercise following injury is one of the main areas that I see people go wrong and sadly end up taking a backwards step in their rehabilitation. The problem is that people believe that when […]

  • Stretching: Why? How? When?

    Most people believe that the best preparation for exercise is to stretch. You may be the sort of person who spends a solid 15 minutes on the mats before your workout or the person who has a quick stretch of your quads on the treadmill before your run. Either way, most athletes embrace the traditional, […]

  • Pre-Season Training Considerations

    So the off-season didn’t last long did it? Within a month or so from now the first few fixtures of the rugby and football seasons will be underway. That means one thing… It’s time for pre-season training. A phrase which, to most people, conjures memories of endless ascents of local sand-dunes, stadium steps or near-vertical […]

  • Injury Prevention is Tantamount to Success

    The key to maintaining your training and achieving your goals depends hugely on how much time and intensity you can commit to your workout regimes. Factors such as your job, family commitments, and fatigue can limit your ability to succeed in this area. As difficult as such things can be to overcome, you may still […]