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  • Whey Protein | Why So Many Types?

      Looking for a protein supplement? Well most people would steer you in the direction of a Whey Protein supplement. However, for many who are new to sports nutrition and don’t know where to start this could be equally as confusing with a range of products each having a unique selling point. Now, where do […]

  • Introducing our Pro Series™

      The aim of the Pro Series™ was to create genuinely world class products, and we’re proud to say that’s exactly what we’ve done. No expense has been spared with the potent dosages and formulas. All Pro Series™ products contain premium, high quality ingredients, as well as branded ingredients such as Creapure®. As with all […]

  • INFORMED WHEY®: Compared

      INFORMED WHEY® uses unrivalled amounts of the purest protein and amino acids, and combines them with gourmet taste and rigorous independent banned substance testing. INFORMED WHEY® is totally transparent – the exact quantity of each ingredient is declared, as opposed to hiding behind proprietary blends where ingredient amounts are indeterminable. After all, you deserve […]

  • What’s the difference between Pure Whey Protein™ and INFORMED WHEY®?

    Pure Whey Protein™ and INFORMED WHEY® are very similar products in the fact that they both offer 100% whey protein with no additional fat or carbohydrates added to the mix – the only carbohydrates come from the lactose derived from the whey. But what are the differences? If you are looking for whey protein with […]